Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Federal Government finally did soomething sensible

Last year Congress passed a law that requires State Medicaid officials to verify that Medicaid recipients are citizens.

Bush signed the bill into law this year.

The sad part is they did not tell Indiana until June 9th. We have so many laws that no one can read them all.

So now Indiana is scrambling to install a system that will ensure all who apply for aid have the proper identification.

I am glad that this law was passed. I am tired of my taxes being used to support illegal aliens. It is wrong.

One interesting note: This law was passed because Congress wanted to make a token effort to reduce our 400 billion dollar annual budget deficit...

Mike Sylvester

1 comment:

Tim Zank said...

Mike, The really really sad part...

That we even had to make a law in the first place.....

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