Wednesday, June 21, 2006

FEMA Audit finds AT LEAST 1.4 Billion in fraud

FEMA proves that big government does not work. The Federal response to Katrina was disgraceful and wasteful.

Government auditors have located at least 1.4 Billion in fraud and suspect a lot more. This is at least 16% of total direct aid...

Fraud includes prison inmates who got aid, numerous people who got aid who lived in other parts of the country, FEMA paid for a sex change, FEMA paid for a divorce, FEMA paid for season football tickets, FEMA paid for a tropical vacation, etc.

So what are the Reps and Dems doing about it? Very little.

They are actually expanding FEMA and wasting more money.

My solution would be different, I would:
Disband FEMA entirely, The National Guard is intended to respond to National disasters.
I would remove all funding for FEMA at once.
I would designate 1/2 of those funds to The National Guard. The National Guard could then
prepare for an expanded role...
I would take the other 1/2 and use it to pay down the Federal Debt.

What would you do?

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...

Unfortunately this is nothing compared to the waste in Iraq. Early on when the CPA was in charge, everything was done in cash and there were no accounting standards in place. American Conservative had an eye-opening piece about the rampant corruption and theft during this time.

My "favorite" was the $1.5 BILLION that was driven off in a truck by a courier who was never seen again. They had no idea who he was and no one could even give a description of him.

BTW, as far as I know there has not been any congressional investigation into the CPA and wasting of billions of dollars after the invasion

Just a warning - the unbelievable waste of money described in this article will make any libertarian (especially accountants) so mad you'll probably black out. Read at your own risk...

Money for nothing

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff Pruit:

I certainly am outraged by the waste in Iraq.

I am also outraged by the waste in the Military, Homeland Security, Dept of Education, The Department of Health and Human Services and many other Federal programs.

I am also mad that the Government Accountability Office specifically determines that MANY Federal programs have no positive effect on our Country. Yet we continue to fund them...

Your example is a good one.

Why do The Reps and Dems BOTH allow this? Why?

Based on my research over the years I feel that we could cut Federal spending by 10-20% just by ELIMINATING WASTE AND FRAUD.

Please tell me what our elected officials are doing to address this Jeff?

I can tell you.

NOTHING. In fact, they are creating new programs and they continue to icrease funding to programs that have failed.

Nothing is harder to kill then a government program except maybe a temporary tax.

Mike Sylvester

Mike Kole said...

Mike- It's axiomatic in Washington, and yes in Indianapolis too, that any government program deserves more money.

If a program is meeting its' expected goals, it isn't scaled back or eliminated because the job is done. It is rewarded with more money for a job well done.

If a program is failing to meet its expected goals, surely it must be due to a lack of funding, so it is increased.

I am interested in some Dems' interest in a date for pulling out of the war in Iraq. When then can we expect the pulling out date for the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Crime, and all our other various fraud-ridden, waste-ridden wars? We've been at the War on Poverty for my enitre lifetime. When will it end?

I won't hold my breath.

John Good said...

Just look back to the 1990's. I seem to recall balanced budgets, welfare reform, a bustling economy, respect from most of the world. Oh wait. . that all must have been a dream.

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