Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cell Phones

I have never wanted to have a cell phone, so I do not have a cell phone.

When my wife was pregnant with our oldest child (6 years ago) we decided to get her a cell phone that she has had ever since. I like that she has a cell phone, I worry about her less.

I still have a hard time believing just how many people own a cell phone.

Many people have ONLY a cell phone now. They have removed their "land line."

Do you have a cell phone?

Mike Sylvester


JF said...

Very few people don't have a cell phone.

In fact, I know of a few individuals who carry two. For different reasons.

The Mayor of Fort Wayne carries with him two cell phones, a blackberry and other gadgets.

Andrew Kaduk said...

The mayor must be very well connected. HA! That's right...he invented fiber optics (which ironically, don't connect to your Blackberry OR cell phone).

Mike: FYI, I got a new cell 2 months ago because it was more economical than just getting one for my wife. Prior to that, the last cell phone I had was in 1999 and it met a grizzly and premature death by my hand. I threw it out the window of the car on I-69 and never looked back. I hate cell phones. I mean, I REALLY HATE cell phones. Alas, I now have one regardless.

fairplaybeach said...

Just a cel phone... dealing with just one phone company is enough.

Matthew said...

My wife and I ditched our cell when we got married and bought a house. The land line was cheaper, and it never drops our calls.

Not to mention the government doesn't add tons of extra tax for using "its" air.

Heaven forbid someone call his grandmother in Florida without the government taxing him.

Angry White Boy said...

Yup, have one and so do all 4 of my kids. It does irk me however when people won't the the fscking thing up and drive. I also have a cell phone jammer (desktop model) and I'm thinking about ordering the pocket model. Jams signals for 150 feet.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Awww hell, I've gotta get me one of those...LOL

I'd just hang it off my rearview mirror like one of those horrendous scented pine trees...