Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last poll results and a new poll for you!

The last poll asked you which of the last eight US Presidents is or was the worst.

The results were not what I expected.

73 votes were cast and the results are as follows:
40% Voted for Carter as the worst President
26% Voted for LBJ
21% Voted for Bush Jr.
8% Voted for Clinton
3% Voted for Nixon
Ford and Reagan both come in at 1%
Bush Sr was at 0%

The next poll is posted. You may only vote in this poll once. It involves FWCS recent decision to hire an outside PR firm to convince the taxpayers that a large bond issue is needed to upgrade FWCS buildings.

This has been covered by many local news sources including Tracey Warner's blog, both Newspapers, Fort Wayne Observed (At least ONE aspect of it), and this blog.

I think this poll will be interesting as well...

Please vote!


Andrew Kaduk said...

That's about what I expected, really.

Carter High Interest Rate Survivor said...

Yeah, about what was expected.

LBJ's actions killed more people outright.

Carter's actions put more people in danger.