Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Signatures forged; Allen County GOP fires Executive Director

This story was written by Benjamin Lanka by the Journal Gazette today:


This is very unfortunate and I feel sorry for any candidates this will effect.

I think the Allen County GOP handled this well by immediately firing their Executive Director.

We need to ensure that our elected officials immediately simplify Indiana's Election laws and do everything they can to ensure that citizens can easily run for public office.

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of the Libertarian party of Allen County


Anonymous said...

The executive director, Doug Foy, is a really good guy.

Election laws, deadlines, and the difficulty filling township positions led to his mistaken judgment in what happened.

This is a "light" forgery, as there was no intent to steal or deceive anyone, it was just on the basis of time, though it is wrong.

People make mistakes.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said:

I mostly agree with you; however, I am not sure what a "light" forgery is? I also do not know Mr. Foy.

This issue does make his letter to the editor that was published look really, really BAD...


Jeff Pruitt said...

"light" forgery?

That's a new one - is there a statute covering that? Maybe he is a decent guy - I don't know - but the fact that he even THOUGHT about doing this shows how corrupt and broken the system is.

BTW, what would everyone be saying if it was the Libertarian Party that was caught doing this? I think there would be a different standard applied...

Mike Kole said...

I can tell you what would happen if a Libertarian were caught: there would be fines to pay and candidates would be dismissed. There would be no mercy.

We just had 11 candidates barred from the ballot, because we missed a technicality. The Elections Division said, "the law is the law".

Since the Republicans and Democrats wrote the election laws, I similarly have no mercy for them when they are guilty of perjury on the forms they created. The forms state that they are to be completed and signed under threat of perjury.

If Foy perjured (that's what a forgery on such a form is), he should go to jail and pay heavy fines, in my opinion.

The Libertarian Party made an error of omission, and it was a ballot box death sentence for us. This is an error of commission, and the book should be thrown at all involved.

A "light forgery". Give me a break.

-Mike Kole
Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State

Mike Kole said...

Looks like we've found Election Follies #11!

Tim Zank said...

Whether Mr. Foy is a great guy, a bad guy, a democrat, a republican, an agnostic, a catholic, or just a freakin' idiot (the most logical assumption being the latter) he made a grave error in judgement that most honest people (and most 10 year olds) know is simply not right.....

At first blush, the initial reaction is "well, in the interest of saving time and hassle he just signed their names because it was obvious they wanted to file to run for office". No big deal right?

Well yes it is a big deal, would YOU want somebody signing your name?

Not cool. Not cool at all

CoffeeBigPlz said...


Anonymous said...

I think that these eleven canadides
should have to sit out this election and wait 4 years to run if they are so interested not be appointed. Who was putting pressure on Mr. Foy to make such a bad judgement call? What is light forgery? Is that a want a be lawyer term?

Anonymous said...

Tim Zank makes and excellent point. In what alternate universe is it EVER ok to sign someone else's name? I heard one report in which Mr. Foy said he didn't know he shouldn't sign the candidates' names. Huh? I ask again..when is it EVER ok to sign someone's name? NEVER.

Anonymous said...

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