Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Katrina and "Left in Aboite"

I truly like John Good's blog "Left in Aboite." I like to hear different points of view. It is one of the things that separates me from most Republicans and Democrats.

There is a link to "Left in Aboite" on my sidebar.

We are having a great discussion about Katrina over there. You will NOT believe what John thinks.

I am going to paraphrase here.

John thinks that if Bill Clinton had been President that he would have ordered New Orleans evacuated and hence less people would have died.

John also thinks that President Clinton would have New Orleans cleaned up and rebuilt by now.

I am just curious, does anyone else agree with John? Please leave me a comment. I have got to hear from you...

Please leave me a comment is you disagree with John as well...

I cannot be by myself on this one, can I?

Mike Sylvester


John Good said...

Mike - Just to set the record straight here. YOU brought up Bill Clinton. *I* acknowledged that I had never actually considered that view before, but agreed with it.

We have a bumbling incompetent ass running our country right now. Despite your feelings about Clinton, at least he was honest about "public concerns". He lied about sex, no argument. So do very many men in America. I would still trust him further than "W", even alone with my wife.

Tim Zank said...

Mike, you guys really are having a interesting conversation over there at "Left In Aboite". As you may have noticed, by bringing facts, logic and common sense into the discussion you are fighting an uphill battle with the good Mr. Good. Once "indoctrinated" the progressive rarely returns to a state of common sense "normalcy".
You'll note George W Bush is to blame for everything gone wrong since the beginning of time. You'll also note all republicans are evil, not for their beliefs mind you, but because they don't believe what the progressive believes.
Most progressives, or limosine liberals as they are also known, can breath very well but can't see to well because their nose is always pointed up in the air.

Suffice to say, I find his Katrina
observations absurd.

Robert Enders said...

I don't think anyone can rehuild an entire city in a year. And I'm not sure that it is even advisable to rebuild all of the city if people aren't moving back. New Orleans will not have its pre-Katrina population for some time.

This is why the size of government should be reduced. Anyone can always say that someone from their own party will do a better job, but what exactly do we do in the mean time?

Tim Zank said...

Robert, don't start suggesting common sense and solutions....the "progressives" can see right through that. Unless you're willing to bash the bejesus out of anyone who doesn't share the same lofty dreams your opinions are not valid and will be dismissed. Oh yeah, and you'll be labeled a racist too..

John Good said...

Robert Enders actually makes alot of sense. Zank merely continues to discount and attack opposing views.

Tim Zank said...

John, I apologize for being a little sarcastic, but I sometimes find it hard to believe how naive and susceptible "progressives" appear to be. Spike Lee doesn't help solve racism, he creates more of it, as do Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan (sp?), Kanye West and the like. By preying upon ill-educated, poor, and disenfranchised african americans to keep themselves in the spotlight they make things worse not better. I find it abominable in 2006 to keep preaching that all the their problems can be attributed to the white devils in Washington. That my friend, is not helping anybody.

Betty Boob said...

This whole thing was a disaster from a disaster. I don't think you can point one finger at any one person or group. My family went down there with equipment to work for FEMA and was inspected and given badges and it all. They worked from October till the day after Thanksgiving. Then they were pulled off a job and not put back onto one until Feb., I believe. They checked in everyday with FEMA, not ready for them yet. With this they went and helped individuals as the government had to many chiefs and different rules everyday. The sad part is Wal-Mart shuts down at 5:00 not enough people to work but the parking lot is full when they are open. McDonalds closes and only has the drive-up open past 5:00 if they are open. Again no workers are there. It's sad what state it is all in still at this time. My father, and his workers came home some by May and the others June and FEMA hit and miss on work. They ended up going out on their own some and also helped with dry walling up 4' inside some of the houses. But the people are not coming back and I can't say all of them are this way but they came across a lot that are down there and would not work. They had openings along with the other companies down there closing because they cannot get help.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox. And you don't want me to keep going. But I believe it starts at the top and trickles down, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

For what it's worth, sorry!

John Good said...

John, I apologize for being a little sarcastic, but I sometimes find it hard to believe how naive and susceptible "progressives" appear to be.

Tim, I have that same disbelief in regards to people who are sucked in my FAUX News and outlets like WOWO. While I admit admiration for pulling it off, I am still appalled.

William Larsen said...

Let me say that I do not like Bush. He voted for Rx Drug coverage creating the 3rd largest unfunded program in America. His energy policy is a disaster. His immigration policy is bad. His over spending makes him just like every other politician who cannot say no. Have you ever said no to your children who wanted something?

New Orleans was a problem waiting to happen. Here is a city built below sea level. Hurricanes are common and they did not prepare for it. They wanted someone else to fix their levies. If you live there, you deal with the problems. It is not the responsibility of the Federal Government to tell you or force you out of your own city when everyone knows there is a storm coming.

Rather reminds me of the joke>

A weatherman informs everyone two days ahead that heavy rains are projected and that flooding could be a problem. A man says, the lord will protect me. Rains begin and the rivers rise. The weatherman reiterates flooding is a good possibility. The man says the lord will protect me. One day later the river is about to overflow and the police drive by telling everyone to evacuate, but the mans says, "the lord will save me." The flood water rise and the water is about up to the mans stoop of his house. A boat comes by and asks the man to evacuate, but the man says no. The lord will save me. The water rises and the man is now on the roof and a helicopter flies over and tries to evacuate the man, but the man says the lord will save me. The water washes away the house and the man drowns. In heaven he asks why lord did you not save me. The lord replied.

I sent you a weatherman who warned you. I sent the police to tell you to evacuate. I sent a boat to your doorstep and I sent a helicopter, but you did not listen.

Is this any different than those of New Orleans? Its below sea level, there are storms, the weatherman warned, the mayor warned, the engineers warned years ago the levies would not hold an still they did nothing.

No federal dollars should be used to rebuild New Orleans!

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