Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am going on a rant...

To make a long story short I am switching from one online Broker to another online Broker for my investment accounts. Some of the accounts my wife and I hold jointly, some she holds in just her name (Retirement accounts), and some I hold in just my name (Retirement accounts). I was able to setup the accounts myself no problem; however, to give myself Trading Authority over her accounts I have to fill out a form and my wife has to sign it and get a Signature Gaurantee. My bank does not do Signature Gaurantees. I have called several other banks and they only do them for their customers...

I am getting very angry...

I am going to start calling higher and higher people in the chain of command at my bank and find out why they do not provide a Signature Gaurantee to their customers...



jeff said...


Most federally chartered institutions can give you a signature guarantee. Have you tried a credit union?
You could trade on your wife's behalf, how would your online broker know the difference?

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I called six banks today. All told me I would have to be a customer... I did not try a Credit Union, that is tomorrow.

I have already traded my wife's account online. It would just be easier to combine them...


Bloggerbiz said...

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