Monday, August 28, 2006

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel EXCLUDES all Libertarians from their online poll

It is appalling to me that a Fort Wayne newspaper has decided to exclude all Libertarian candidates from their online web poll.

Believe it or not, they decided to include P.J. Smith, an Independent.

Mitch Harper continues to report interesting news stories on his blog Fort Wayne Observed. Please take the time to check out this most recent story that he has detailed:


Mike Sylvester

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LP Mike Sylvester said...

When I found out all LIbertarians were excluded (And the Independent was included) I immediately sent the NS some email.

I got a reply back very quickly...

The reply is below:


Hey, Linda sent me your note. I'm looking into it. The Election Board provided us the info. we got and it didn't immediately occur to me Libertarians were excluded. I've got a reporter working on getting a complete list from the board of Libertarians who have filed so we can add them to the poll. We'll also be getting their addresses so we can send them info. about completing a survey to be posted on the Web site. Let me assure you the oversight was not intentional.

Rob Joesbury

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