Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mike Kole's Press Conference

Press Conference Thursday Morning August 3rd, 2006

Mike Kole will take to the steps of the Indiana Statehouse Thursday morning at 10 am for a press conference. There I will let the people of Indiana know that they have been ripped off by the Indiana Legislature and the Indiana Elections Division, with the result being that 11 Libertarian candidates have been removed from the ballot.The Legislature inserted a law into the Election Code that was designed to trip up the Libertarian Party. It worked.The Division, which did not enforce this law in 2004, is now enforcing it. The Division could have chosen not to enforce, as it did in 2004. Is there any real harm in having 11 Libertarian candidates on the ballot? Some of them provide the only opposition to incumbents.It seems that, so far as the Legislature and the Division are concerned, what is most important is the comfort of the Republican and Democratic Parties, and not the health of representative government.So, we'll make the case.

Watch for the story to be covered statewide.

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