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Guard the borders Blogburst, August 7th, 2006

Illegal Alien Stole 10 yr old girl’s identity
By Toni at Bear Creek Ledger

How would you like to find out your child's identity had been stolen? You of course probably wouldn't know until the child reached adulthood.

Kern found out quite by accident when Hayley's application for the North Carolina Children's Health Insurance Program was initially rejected because her earned income was too high. Hayley is 10 years old. She doesn't have any earned income.
Guess the Social Security Administration doesn't look at earned income for 10 year olds or 5 year olds for that matter.
What she learned was that a man, an illegal immigrant in his 20s, had been working under Hayley's Social Security number for the past six years.
Rosario does not speak English. Through an interpreter, Knight learned that when Rosario came to the U.S. from Mexico at age 22, he was told he needed "work papers" to get a job. The working papers acquaintances provided was a Social Security card with Rosario's name and a fraudulent number. He believed the number was the "work papers" that allowed him to work in the U.S. Knight said Rosario was at a loss to understand what he had done wrong.

As much as I'd like to empathize with this Mexican man, I can't. I find it difficult to believe this man has been in the US working for 6 years and is unaware of the political fight going on with illegal aliens in this country. The one consistency with this man though; he has been in this country for 6 years, he can't speak any English and yet has a drivers license and vehicle. I'm surprised he hasn't purchased a home yet!

The mother, Shelly Kern now has the terrible task of trying to clear her childs identity.
Clearing your child's name can be just as frustrating and infuriating as clearing an adult's name. Kern said maybe more so. First, she was referred to the regional Social Security Administration office where she was told there was nothing they could do. They sent her to the Employment Security Commission. Neither agency nor the DSS has enforcement powers, so Kern went to the Star Police Department.
When Kern tried to order a credit report on her daughter, she hit obstacle after obstacle.
0nline, the credit reporting agencies want credit information that her daughter, at age 10, does not have and she cannot get a credit report for Rosario, no matter that the Social Security number is fraudulent. She has appealed to the N.C. Attorney General's Office for assistance.

Apparently this has been happening for years:

The practice of stealing, selling and using Social Security numbers from juveniles began over 20 years ago in southern California and has spread throughout the country. Apparently, the SSNs are obtained through brokers, who are primarily Permanent Legal Residents. The "brokers" physically monitor court house records of newborns, and obtain their birth registry issued SSNs from open public records, or from other Permanent Legal Residents/Naturalized Citizens who are employees of city and county government that have access to tax records.

The reason this illegal practice has been relatively successful is that the IRS/SSA doesn't note that one to five year old children shouldn't be working, despite the SSA records that show the age of number holders. Also, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is not known for pursuing this line of investigation.

If you have children you should really read the rest of this story since there's more information covered that you should know.

The Courier-Tribune :: News Page


And of course, I want to give a bit of promo to Dan Demay's song - Illegal.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.


William Larsen said...

As I have written about Identity theft several times and also on the New National ID act. You might wonder where on earth do people get ten-year-olds Social Security number? The answer may make you mad. The single largest source of Children SSN's are public schools. I have always told everyone I know never to provide your children's SSN to any school. There is no federal law that authorizes any public school to require your child use or have a social security number.

The second largest source of children's SSN's tend to be healthcare providers and insurance companies. All that paper work with SSN's may not be shredded or the computers are hacked.

Identity thieves’ love children's SSN's because they can use them for the most part for years before anyone catches on.

If any government agency requests your SSN, per the privacy act of 1974 5 USC 552a (e)(3)(A) they must identify if the request is voluntary or mandatory and if mandatory the federal statute or executive order requiring it. Very few government agencies may require you show your SSN and if you do not have one, there is no federal statute that requires you get one.

Applying for a social security number is voluntary.

Anonymous said...

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