Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Fraser poll is complete

The results of my Fraser poll:
Expulsion was right = 8 votes, 11%
Expulsion was wrong = 59 votes, 81%
Not sure = 6 votes, 8%

As I would expect from the people who enjoy my blog, we support Jeff Fraser and think Carroll High School and NACS over-reacted.

WOWO is running a poll as well that they advertised on their radio broadcast yesterday. As of this post 377 votes have been cast on WOWO's website. 60% feel that Jeff Fraser SHOULD NOT have been expelled. 40% feel he should.

I have a feeling this is most likely reflective of the way this community feels. I have talked to 23 people in NACS; many of these people contacted me. As a group they strongly support Fraser.

Since I am so public in my support of Jeff Fraser, I doubt that people who feel the expulsion is the right punishment would ever contact me...

This is going to be an interesting School Board race. I will file my paperwork early next week.