Sunday, January 22, 2006

Interesting criticism of the fact that I enabled "Comment Moderation" on this blog a couple of weeks ago

Marie over at <> is upset because I enabled "Comment Moderation" on my blog a couple of weeks ago to prevent spam and to make sure that I knew when someone posted a comment on my blog. She thinks I am not respecting poeple's freedom of speech.

As you all know I always publish your posts as soon as I read my email. Marie did not even try to submit a post, I think maybe she did not know how "Comment Moderation" works.

Marie has an interesting point of view that I should not allow comment moderation on my blog.
I have never refused anyone the right to post a comment on my blog. Not once!

I enabled comment moderation to prevent spam and profanity a couple of weeks ago.
All you have to do to put a comment on my blog is go and post it. I will publish it! I always do and I always have. I like it when people disagree. I enabled comment moderation for 2 reasons:
1. To prevent spam.
2. So that I would know when someone posted a comment on my blog, that way I can respond to them.

I had a complaint not too long ago from someone that I never responded to one of his comments. With comment moderation enabled I always know when there is a new post.
I fully expect people to disagree with some of my views and I have always encouraged people to post comments that are not in line with mine. A simple review of the past comments posted on my blog will show that to ANYONE...

Heck, at one time I asked Republicans to come on over and post comments on my blog and I asked them to disagree with me about the Contract with America.

Marie PLEASE come on over and post your dissenting opinion, that is what America is all about...

Rest assured that I will happily post any comments you wish on my blog!

I am curious as to what you all think. Would you rather I disabled comment moderation and went back to the way it was a couple of weeks ago?

I really do not care either way.

I enabled "Comment Moderation" to ensure that I did not miss people's posted comments due to a reader complaint.

Please let me know if you prefer the blog with or without "Comment Moderation."



bassjones said...

I think it's wise. While you allow differing opinions it can prevent people using your blog to spew venom. Plus I like that you respond a lot more quickly to new posts this way. I'm thinking of enabling it on my blog as well.

Debbie said...

I don't have comment moderation and I get email notification and haven't received any spam.

But it looks like I do have an option selected that you don't which is word verification.

This is where the poster has to type in a random generated letter sequence before the post can go through. This prevents automated spam postings.

So if I understand it all correctly, all you really need to to is enable the word verification option and you should be able to achieve the two goals you desire.

Robert Enders said...

You can use word verification to block spam instead. It allows the posts to go up quicker. If you like the chance to read a comment as soon as it goes up, you can select the option to have those comments automatically emailed to you.

I don't think Mike is trying to block "flame" comments. Such comments ultimately damage the reputation of the person who is saying the comment more than they damage the target.

This is the best arguement for freedom of speech. Idiots are allowed to say dumb things, and it makes it easier for us to identify these idiots.

Scott Greider said...

I love how the concept "freedom of speech" gets thrown around so lightly. All that means is that someone in America can stand on the street and speak without the fear of being arrested. It has nothing to do with being able to say whatever you like wherever you like and whenever you like. If I told my boss off at work, he would most likely say, "Sorry, you're not FREE to say that to me, as your boss, and therefore you're fired." Of course he couldn't call the police and have me arrested for it, but he certainly dictates the consequences.

Bottom line: this is your blog, and, notwithstanding your desire for all things Constitutional, you have the right to censure all you want, without betraying one iota your committment to "free speech". So it's completely up to you.

That said, Blogger has a different tool for controlling spam (word verification), and also a variable for email notification of comments.

Angry White Boy said...

Hi Mike,

I too have enabled "Comment Moderation" on my blog for one reason, (as posted here by BassJones); people take a chance to spew venimous garbage that most readers don't want to filter though.

As Scott Greider said "this is your blog".

Anonymous said...

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