Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cutting Edge reporting on the Fraser expulsion from Carroll High School from Nathan Gotsch over at Fort Wayne Media Notes

Please go and read Nathan's post entitled "My Conversation with the Attorney" at

Then please read my comment to his post. I posted it to his blog and I am copying it below for your convenience. I will be avidly monitoring all local media outlets tomorrow. If you learn or read something about any new developments please shoot me an email at

I have always found Nathan at Fort Wayne Observed (Media Notes) to be a very credible media source and I have to admit that I trust his reporting and his judgment. I would not have started this blog if it were not for Nathan's blog...

I will also be very interested to read what Mitch Harper posts on these developments at his blog over at <> Mitch is a long time Republican and if Steve Shine is involved as Nathan is reporting, I am looking forward to hearing what Mitch thinks...

Mike Sylvester's comment is below:

I have been following this very closely since I am running for Northwest Allen County School Board this May.

I attended the last school board meeting, I have read everything in the media I can, I have written a lot about this expulsion, and I have talked with several people with ties to Carroll High School in the last week and a half.

I fully expect NACS to rescind this expulsion and to decide to reinstate Mr. Fraser unanimously when they meet at their closed door meeting tomorrow. I do not think they can legally vote on the resolution until the next actual School Board Meeting; you can be sure I will be present for that...

I believe that Mr. Fraser has already been punished far more then is warranted and if Steve Shine (Who I do not care for politically in the slightest; but, I have heard is a well respected lawyer locally) is representing The Fraser Family as Mr. Gotsch has reported, I have no doubt that he will prove his worth as a lawyer and Mr. Fraser will be returning to Carroll in the next couple of weeks.

I certainly hope that there are not "Secret Meetings" going on behind closed doors. NACS is a public school system that is funded by the taxpayers. There is no doubt that the specifics of the hearings should be behind closed doors to protect Mr. Fraser; however, any meetings should be announced to the public and should not be held in secret.

I have been very displeased with the expulsion itself and I am becoming even more disturbed by what Mr. Gotsch is currently reporting.

I hope the anonymous source that talked to Mr. Gotsch today and told him the following per Fort Wayne Observed (Media Notes):

"Indeed, a source said Shine was with Fraser today when they met with NACS representatives to discuss an agreement in advance of tomorrow's closed door school board meeting."

decides to contact me because I want to know more about this...

I hope this anonymous source picks up a telephone book, looks up my phone number and gives me a phone call!

Mike Sylvester
Candidate for Northwest Allen County School Board


Robert Enders said...

Ha! I read the satire. It's typical high school humor. Its crude, but it has it moments. Its also insensitive, offensive, and has no place on high school property. Mr Frazer should only have shared this matierial with his friends away from school.

His punishment was too harsh, however. To illistrate how South Side High School would have handled a similiar problem, I will point out the case in which an offensive satire made it into the final published copy of the South Side Times in the fall of 1994.
The satire was a fictitious survey. One of the question asked students what their favorite summer camp is. The answers were multiple choice, and instead of being able to choose from answers like Chain o' Lakes State Park or Fox Island, the choices were names of infamous concentration camps.

The advisor to the school paper did not spot this until the paper went to press. The morning that the papers were to be delivered, he had all the students in first period journalism class, including me, rip the page with the offending article out of each copy of the school paper. Of course I kept a copy for myself, and I imagine that quite a few uneditied copies left the room and were distributed to students.

I don't know what the students' (there were several students involed) punishment was, but they could not have been suspended since they all continued to attend class regularly after the incident.

Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert Enders said...

I almost forgot to mention that it is weird reading area conservative blogs crying "Free Speech!" and liberal blogs saying "We must maintain order."

Anonymous said...

I just read the book. It looks like Fraser was facing expulsion for having some brains and not being afraid to use them. It is a sad state of affairs when a school tries to discourage those qualities!

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