Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judiciary Committee Hearing on Eminent Domain next Monday

I have been invited to go down to Indianapolis and testify in front of The Judiciary Committee Hearing on HB 1010; which is a law they are considering to somewhat strengthen Indiana's Eminent Domain laws.

Needless to say I will attend and testify. I think this is a very important issue. I want to make sure that the Committee members hear about some of the abuses of Eminent Domain that The City of Fort Wayne has perpetrated...

I am looking forward to testifying...


Scott Greider said...

Wow! That's pretty huge. I've never heard of Republicrats actually inviting libertarians to address them on policy. How does one get invited, anyway?

Doug said...

I just reread HB 1010 after posting my analysis of the bill. It occurred to me that the term "private person" was not defined. The proposed legislation strictly limits the conditions under which a piece of property can be condemned for the benefit of private persons. Basically, the property has to be run down in some respect and, even if it is, if it is farmland or owner-occupied, the condemnor has to pay 125% (farm) or 150% (owner occupied) of the value of the property.

So, my question with respect to private person is whether privately owned utilities, railroads, or other private entities which have previously enjoyed condemnation power will consequently be limited by this provision.

Should they be?

If not, will defining "private person" so as to include some private persons and exclude other private persons pose a problem?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mike


LP Mike Sylvester said...

HB 1010 is small step in the right direction Doug, it certainly does not fix all of the problems.

I sure hope this bill will limit other private entitiies from taking private property.

Anonymous said...

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