Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More on Fraser Expulsion at Carroll

I have spent a fair amount of time researching the Fraser expulsion from Carroll High School and I still feel the same today as I did when I first posted a comment about it early last week; it is an over-reaction by NACS.

I think Jeff Fraser should have been punished for his actions; being expelled for the rest of the school year and being sent to an "alternative high school" for a first offense is clearly an terrible decision. I wonder if being expelled for the year could affect his chances of getting a college scholarship? I wonder if he now has a "record" since he was placed in the "alternative school system?"

It is now reported in today's Journal Gazette that The NACS Board will be meeting in a closed hearing tomorrow at 6 PM. There is no doubt in my mind that they will overturn the expulsion and I fully expect them to overturn the expulsion unanimously. The meeting will be closed (Which it has to be a closed meeting by law); however, the expulsion vote should occur during the next School Board meeting and I believe will have to be a public vote. I will definitely be attending the next School Board meeting and I will let you all know who votes for expulsion and who votes against expulsion.

I certainly hope Jeff Fraser will be reinstated at Carroll and that he will be able to finish his school year at Carroll.

I wrote a 600 word editorial that I posted on this blog last week and that Indiana Parley posted on his blog. That editorial has been published in several print publications:

Jan 25th News Sentinel

Jan 25th Indianapolis Star (Note they cut it down into a letter to the editor.

The IPFW Communicator printed it today as well and Frost Illustrated will print it in their next edition.

This issue has gotten a lot of attention from two other local Blogs, Indiana Parley and Fort Wayne Media Notes.

Assuming The School Board overturns the expulsion it will be very interesting to see what their next step will be. I would think they would next need to determine why the NACS administration made the decision they did...

I had one of the first "bootleg" copies of "The Book." Many people (Including two from outside of Indiana) have contacted me and wanted me to provide them copies of "The Book." I decided that I would not publish it online and that I would not be a general distributor of "The Book."

Nathan Gotsch over at Fort Wayne Media Notes (Link on my sidebar) has decided to post "The Book" online. You will be able to see it over at his blog.

Mike Sylvester


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