Thursday, August 05, 2010

Why isn't the recession being blamed on the Iraq and Afghan wars?

If I were an advisor to the POTUS, I would tell him to blame our economic troubles on the War on Terror. It would get him off the hook for a lot of things. And it would be an accurate statement. The Iraq war costs more than TARP, and much of the money isn't being spent here. Our best and brightest are putting their time and energy towards overseas destruction, rather than building up our own economy. Plus it should be obvious to all that permanent injuries suffered in battle will cause further strain on our healthcare resources.

In a necessary, justified war, these are unavoidable costs. But these costs are also one more reason to rethink going to war in the first place. Civilians may think that they are unaffected by what happens on the other side of the world. While you may be at less personal risk than a soldier in a combat zone, wars mean higher taxes, higher prices, and less resources for non-defense industries. It certainly can have an impact on your quality of life.

One would think that economic considerations would be secondary in a time of war. When there is an ongoing life or death crisis going on, the collapse of a few companies doesn't seem so bad. On the other hand, it feels so good to gripe about a new ballpark for a change of pace.

Ending the war in Iraq may be the best thing that Obama will ever do for the economy. Starting another war would be the worst.

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Daddy said...

> Starting another war would be the worst.

On the contrary. It would have been better to get rid of that NorthKorean fashion bug before he got the bomb. Several consecutive POTUSes screwed it up and now we're facing a real possibility of a large scale disaster down here.

On the same token, its better to get rid of ahmedhijak right now, before he got a bomb, since, while NK fashion bugs may enjoy what they have, a typical hijack prefers his suicide paradise with 42 virgins in it for himself only, besides declaring himself a messiah-mahdi and getting another 42 as a result.
Nothing new here. Has been that way for centuries.

Since an alleged hawaian is not going to take Ahmedhijack out, Israelis are likely to do it on their own, with potentially significant implication for us, since our soldiers are on both sides of Iran and no matter where wind blows it comes to our bases.
Since Israeli are acting increasingly silly they may put themselves into a corner, where they may have to use their big stuff simply to survive. I doubt that we would act differently if being in their place and we are quickly finding ourselves in the situation they are now.

If Bushes et co had really cared, they would have just carpet bombed Saddam palaces, Taliban strongholds, and divide both countries into smaller self ruling territories, per WW2 experience, and in no way would have provided any help unless they fix their problems. Instead they instill their own cronies for their own interests, denying self interest, while plausibly claiming stupidity or bad advice.

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