Friday, August 06, 2010

The proposed NYC Islamic center

The World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists who happened to be Muslims. The Alfred P. Murrah building was destroyed by terrorists who happened to be military veterans. The vast majority of Muslims and veterans are not terrorists. An Islamic center in New York City will be as harmless as a VA hospital in Oklahoma City.

The proposed center does not present any substantial threats to national security. Terrorists do not ask permission from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission before demolishing a building. No competent sleeper agent would spend much time hanging out in a $100 million building with a big sign that says "Islamic Center" out in front.

Instead, the arguments against the proposed center stem from matters of "sensitivity". It would seem that political correctness is no longer the sole domain of the left.


Vigilis said...

"An Islamic center in New York City will be as harmless as a VA hospital in Oklahoma City."

True, unless one considers exemption from property taxes for a grandiose mosque in high-rent Manhattan will probably be worth 100 times that of a lacklustre hospital in Oklahoma City.

New Yorkers, who will make up the difference in tax levies between "the highest and best use" of formerly commercial realty and a tax-exempt mosque are entitled to express their opinions on a hidden pocketbook issue. NYC has fiscal problems.

You are, however, even more correct than you imagined; taxation of religious property may no longer be the sole domain of the left.

Robert Enders said...

A VA hospital would also be exempt from property taxes, since it would be owned and operated by the federal government.

Tim Zank said...

It's not the fear that terrorists are going to gather there to plan attacks, it's the blatant and insensitive hubris of the organizers whom are no doubt more loyal to Islam, than to The United States Of America. It's rubbing salt in the wound, a blatant "middle finger" to all of us.

There are literally hundreds of places in New York to build this mosque, the only reason they want to build it here is to say fuck you to the infidels.

Common decency and common sense should prevail, but alas it won't.

Vigilis said...


"A VA hospital would also be exempt from property taxes, since it would be owned and operated by the federal government."

Quite true, R.E. and, as stated, that exemption would be worth much, much less.

Robert Enders said...

Aren't most people more loyal to God than their government? This happens to be a very practical reason to allow religious freedom; to force a person to be loyal to one or the other will create conflict.

I personally don't see the mosque as a middle finger. There are more cost effective ways of offending people. This mosque costs $100 million, and the 9/11 attacks were estimated to have cost al Qaeda $2 million. If the goal is make Americans mad, why not just use the money to carry out more attacks?

Wherever they build it in Manhattan, it will still be pretty close to Ground Zero. The borough is a third of the size of Fort Wayne in area.

Daddy said...

The third Oklahoma (non-)suspect of reportedly middle eastern look, has not been found. A chance that both endeavors have been financed from the same source can not be easily dismissed. Consider reading some research of the subject:

Gloria said...

I agree with Tim. Just because they can build it there, doesn't mean they should. Kinda like having a fashion show as a fundraiser for people suffering from anorexia. There's no law that says that you CAN'T do it, but should you really? People are clueless these days when it comes to common sense, decency and taste.

Robert Enders said...

If the center is so offensive, why hasn't FOX made a sitcom about it?

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