Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why K2 should stay legal in Fort Wayne

1. Seeing as the proposed ban is limited only to Fort Wayne, K2 users will simply either buy the product outside of city limits or order it online. Passing a local law would be a symbolic gesture at best.
2. Experience shows that official discouragement of a drug usually only serves to increase demand. In European countries that allow pot use, the rate of marijuana usage is actually lower than in the US. Some young people have such an instinct for defiance that I shutter to think what would happen if Congress passed a law against jumping off a bridge.
3. The legal consequences of pot use are its most serious consequences. Smoke pot and if you get caught, you can go to jail and have a criminal record. (Don't get caught, and you might have a bright future in politics.) Drinking too much alcohol in one sitting can kill you if you're not careful. (There aren't enough careful people in fraternities these days.) So far, K2 has not resulted in any deaths or arrests in our fair city. As things stand now, alcohol, pot, and even tobacco pose a far greater threat to the futures of 18 to 21 year olds. Shouldn't the youthfully indiscreet have a perfectly legal and relatively safe alternative to illegal drugs and alcohol?


Daddy said...

You are not correct that in Europe they use less drugs. It depends on a country. Pot is prevalent in Spain France and Italy with a large number if Levantese immigrants bringing it in from their fields. In Russia, Afgan heroin is making a dent in population numbers - a million of drug addicts, one in hundred. Eastern Europe follows up. Northern and central Europe are a mixed bug, with Copenhagen, Zurich and Amsterdam being drug-open cities at one time or another, bringing in all kind of problems, and everyday alcoholism prevails in the rest. They do smoke much more than we do in US, even though it is more expensive there. Down here folks are more hooked on violence and excessive food compared to out there. Sex wise we are much more immature as coming largely from puritan stock, with our lewd behavior or public intoxication laws unheard of anywhere in civilized world. Here we are on par with China, Burma and the like.

steve said...

All the talk about "Illegal" drugs is a smoke screen blinding everyone, including most lawyers and judges, to the high toll Legally Prescribed drugs take on our society. Almost all school shooter were taking some type of Legal antidepressant or other psych med.

Legal psych meds that doctors prescribe ever day often carry the same side effect profile as illegal drugs: They often "cause" anxiety, irritability, aggression, bizarre thoughts and behavior, AND they often CAUSE depression in people who were not originally depressed.

Remember - I'm talking about the legal drugs that you, your friends, neighbors, relatives are taking. Antidepressants, especially, can cause suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions, besides all the other effects I've already mentioned...and more!

For detailed info, take a look at:



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