Monday, August 09, 2010

FLOTUS in Spain

I emphatically do not care what Michelle Obama does in her free time. She is a private citizen who happens to be married to an elected official. She is free to come and go wherever she wants, just like anybody else. The President should not be held responsible for her actions.


Vigilis said...

Although inclined to agree with you, R.E., a pattern of foreign vacations to countries with significant Muslim histories and/or populace could soon become another reason for U.S. voters to reconsider their choice of this president.

So far: Kenya (10% Muslim); Spain (medieval Andalusia was the center of power for Muslim-dominated Iberia); and the twice-postponed Obama family vacation to Indonesia (86% Muslim).

Almost looks like an emerging pattern.

Robert Enders said...

His father was born in Kenya and he grew up in Indonesia. That is why he visited those places. I don't know enough about his family to know why Spain was chosen as a destination.

France and Russia currently have a larger percentage of Muslims than Spain has. If his goal was to spend time with Muslims, then he could have just as easily spent time in Detroit.

Daddy said...

The overwhelming majority of Spanish Muslims are illegal immigrants. There has been virtually no Muslim or other foreign population in Andalusia since middle ages, since Spanish kings and queens have been a ruthless bunch towards all kind of foreigners. Good chuck of Costa del Sol population consists of retirees from Northern Europe who often go back home in summer, as it can be too hot in Costa Del Sol in summer and AC not guaranteed everywhere. Therefore this clueless choice of our clueless Maria Antonietta does not surprise me a bit who makes her judgments seemingly based on advertisements not on a reasonable travel adviser.

F6's Editor said...

Okay first of all the "Muslims" which werent all muslims on the Iberian peninsula are partially responsible for the term Black Irish or Black Irish Jew, their bloudline darkened the Irish red hair and affected it to more of an amber/auburn colour. In addition the Mozarabic Rite of the Catholic Church is the first to include the institution narrative (recounting the last supper) into the Divine Liturgy or Mass. Muslims are responsible for algerbra not the Greeks.

We are forgetting three things.
1. The month of July and August are traditionally times that politicians escape Washington DC because it was built on a swamp and is stuck just above if not at sea level which means it gets hot and sticky.
2. The First Lady is the perfect diplomat position and advocate of the people and while she may not be elected she is not a private citizen completely either, so she is up for criticism when acting as a deputized ambassador of the President of the United States.
3. The vacations are also State visits therefore they fall under official decorum and presentation and functions.

KELLZ said...

I do not understand what is wrong with Obama or his family visiting a Muslims State, whether predominantly or partially populated by Muslims because:

1. Creating a good relationship/ambiance for sound democratic ironing out of troubling issues should be not interpreted as forming "Alliances" or "Brotherhoods" with the Muslims or that its inclined in anyway to his Muslim background.....

2. Wars are expensive and the more you openly discriminate and talk Ill of these guys, the more they want to come blow up in your country. Obama knows this only too well to know that when the war in Iraq and the Middle East is over, which is what we want...?? Then the USA will have to find a forum to interact with the Muslim world and their Economies for Trade!

3. Obama coming to Kenya had nothing Muslim in it. Period! Cant a brother just go find out his Roots? Here's a link to a Tours and Travel company from Kenya with affordable customized Kogello ( Obama's grandmother's home ) Excursions:
You are All Welcome to Kenya.

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