Monday, June 28, 2010

You Might Be A Drug Dealer If

You might be a drug dealer, pimp, or prostitute if the FWPD simply says you are.
Fort Wayne City Code prohibits landlords from knowingly allowing tenants to sell illegal drugs or run a brothel. Federal civil forfeiture statutes already give landlords a strong incentive to keep drugs out, but how are landlords supposed to know? Easy! The police simply tell the landlord that the tenant is selling drugs or turning tricks.

Here is what's wrong with the ordinance: If the police know that the tenant is breaking the law, why not just arrest him? Why have the landlord disturb a crime scene by throwing everything out on a curb? This law makes a mockery of due process. If the police are wrong, an innocent person loses his home. If the police are right, the guilty party can simply set up shop just outside of city limits or sublease from an accomplice.

It is also worth noting that while SUSPECTED drug dealers are forced to leave Fort Wayne, CONVICTED murderers and rapists are permitted to stay. Does that seem right to anyone?


Daddy said...

A telemarketing dude called my home number today unsolicited and asked for a monetary contribution. "We are ..some police union name, blah-blah-blah...".

"Do not call me anymore", I told him, " my name and number are in federal Do Not-Call list, or I would have to call police."

"It does not apply to us", he interrupted me, - "I am police officer." Something like that.

So I hanged on him and called 911. It did not sound plausible to me, with his rare southern accent, together with rude manners, attempting to impersonating a police officer.

"No", - 911-emergency nice-speaking lady told me, ".. we cannot help, you can call feds." "Or you can do it online with", the nice speaking 911 lady told me..

So I went online and filed this guy with FCC for violating a federal law to call my listed number unsolicited despite my protests.

Curiously, a nice speaking 911 lady did not seem to bother if someone could have impersonated a police officer to get a financial reward.

I would not mind if we have online form entry with police/sheriff here, similar to what FCC have. So that folks can file their papers with police through internet, so that our police officers instead of needless paperwork, can deal with something more useful, like actual crime prevention, kids driving education, or finding highly addictive drug distributors networks instead of arresting young clueless pot possessing kids, whos arrest place should be their mom's basement with no cable or game console, but with get-off-drugs-quick DIY self help books.

Phil Marx said...

Yes, I agree with your post. To Be fair, we should also suspend due process for suspected rapists and murderers.