Friday, June 25, 2010

Want to work on a farm?

If you are a US citizen who is tired of immigrants taking our jobs, now is your chance to take theirs.


Daddy said...
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Daddy said...

Farmers are those who do all the work themselves. They do not need help.

Members of landlords association who exempted themselves from a common law of paying at least a minimal wage to their workers would not hire a free US citizen, as they would have to pay above the minimal wage or to take a chance of a law-suite from in this country of lawyers.

Instead they would more likely opt for another, cheaper form of slave labor, in this case prison/jail slave labor, which could be more convenient to them as they would both pay much less and eliminate their liability as their empowered business partners would less likely to cooperate against own financial interest. 12 million slaves in jails/prisons are perhaps less than perhaps 20 million illegal immigrant slaves, but their rate is lower, and fear stronger. Fools. They should have read some history books and should have educated themselves what have happened with their colleges under slave revolts, like those in Caribbean islands in those prior centuries. Fools never learn.

A much better alternative is to change an exemption to make them pay well above the minimal wage, like those attorney's minimal rate of 150/hour to reflect potential harmful impact of their workers from prolonged exposure to sun UV, heat, fertilizers, pesticides, insects and genetically modified crop some of which have been reported to be genetically engineered to contain gens implanted from poison weds, to naturally produce poison against insects,(and who knows, humans? ).