Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is globalization the key to peace?

Once long term mortal enemies, mainland China and Taiwan have signed a trade agreement. In spite of over 60 years of mutual hatred, they have recognized that it is in their best economic interests to remain at peace.

Some of you may feel guilty about buying products made in China. Yet all those cheap gadgets may have prevented a Sino-American war.


Daddy said...

Sino-American war is now called Korean war. If we had been resolute and had finished it right at that time, concurring all Korea and China we would not be getting Vietnam, Afganistan wars, and China and Russia would have been friendly countries like Germany and Japan now. One gotta do job right, otherwise crooks on opposing side would turn table on you sooner or later, at the time of their convenience, even you play by the rules. So what we got now? China and Russia through its proxies NK and Iran are getting at us with nukes while plausible denying their deeds. Europe is frightened to death, and no surprise Taipei is frightened too, not having much confidence in one allegedly Hawaian

Robert Enders said...

There is a difference between where you were born and where you are from. If Obama is Hawaiian, then Sarah Palin is from Idaho, George W. Bush is from Connecticut, John McCain is Panamanian, and I'm from Illinois.

If China was as industrialized in the 1950's as they are today, they would not have gotten involved in the Korean War. By doing so, they would have lost their trading partner status.

Daddy said...

1. All of them, I suppose, but one, would produce their birth certificate if asked. That one, conveniently alleging to be Hawaiian, refuses without explanation to show his birth certificate even if asked by half million of those who elected him, instead having spent over $2 million on legal help trying not to show one. Can you plausibly explain why so, besides that he is faking his place of birth?

2. You seem to believe that dictatorships follow their national interests, and not those of their ruling clique. Was it in the national interests of industrialized Germany and Japan to start vicious wars that led to enslavement of population of their former trading partners? To death and suffering of a good chuck of their own population? To raping by Russian army of a good chunk of those women survived in Germany? To installment by this country in both of them of debilitating feminizing education systems to ensure that their mucho spirit will never come back? Gimmi a break. They now hate those former rulers more then us.

Robert Enders said...

1. Here: http://msgboard.snopes.com/politics/graphics/birth.jpg

2. Arguably, wars get started because both sides feel that it is in their best national interest to fight. In the case of Taiwan and the PRC, both sides feel that peace is in their best interests.

Daddy said...

1. This is not _officially_ regognized document on the matter of place of birth:



2. So what national interest in your opinion Napoleon had (who was not French but Corsican), or Hitler who was Austrian, or Stalin who was Georgian? What particular national interest they represented? Of Corsica? Austria or Georgia?

Robert Enders said...

1. BHO's mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth. That alone makes him a natural-born US citizen and fulfills the constitutional requirement. I'm surprised that people are still focused on the question of the location of his birth. Even if he was born in Kenya, it changes nothing.

Daddy said...

POTUS is required by law to be born in US, therefore whether his mom was an US citizen does not suffice to become a POTUS.

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