Monday, June 07, 2010

The part of "illegal" that I don't understand

You know those signs at anti-illegal immigration rallies that ask "What part of 'illegal' don't you understand?" A question like that deserves an answer.

George W. Bush has publicly admitted to committing a crime: ordering the torture of a criminal suspect. If he is not prosecuted for this, then Barack Obama is the President of a country that condones torture and ignores its own laws. We're Americans. Aren't we supposed to be the good guys?

If the Obama administration does not uphold the law, does the law matter? If Bush did not have to obey the law, why should anyone else have to?

The argument that the torture saved lives does not hold water. If such measures are needed for reasons of national security, why aren't the measures kept secret? Wouldn't terrorists prepare themselves if they knew what they would face in US custody? Why would a former president speak publicly about such a sensitive issue if it really was a matter of life and death? Waterboarding is not a means of gaining information; it is a form of extra-judicial punishment that has failed to deter further attacks. It only serves as fodder for enemy propaganda.


Tim Zank said...

Could you cite the admission of torture by GWB?

Daddy said...

They have been violating laws for centuries. What has changed is their attitude: they stop caring if everyone knows about it or not. Since there is no punishment. For them. And plenty of punishment for us simply for not knowing a law that they overwhelmed us with for no other reason but for entrapment and their profit.

Craig said...

Unfortunately, the POTUS seems more interested in appeasing people who would never vote for him rather than representing the people who worked to get him elected.

Robert Enders said...

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Click on the link.

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