Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Idiotic lawsuit against Google

A woman is suing Google for bad directions.
She is suing because Google Maps allegedly told her to walk down a highway that had no sidewalk. She was hit by a car.
ATTENTION: If you use computer software in place of your own good judgement and do something obviously dangerous and stupid as a result, this not only calls into question your status as a competent adult, but also challenges your status as an organism capable of free will.


Daddy said...

Imagine driving your car by a plain-old-paper-printed map and ending up in a swamp. Gradually. Like with that frog. Would you sue them, if you manage to get out?

Google may claim that did not took money from her therefore were in no customer-merchant relationship with her. She may argue that they take money from advertisers.

Anyway, out of primitive stone age society, we all rely on services, that we are not in a position to properly evaluate. Therefore there is/was/(about to be limited by SCOTUS perhaps so that it does not affects themselves) law about an honest service that she may argue along. The question is whether she succeeds.

Also, since there is no public transportation everywhere (like in other countries), and driving is a privilege, that can be revoked, while walking is not privilege but a right, walking paths should be responsibilities of the governments to assure our rights to walk to any desired destination.

Robert Enders said...

If you see a swamp, and drive your car into it, it's your fault and no one else's.

If you buy a box label "Cereal", open it up, find that the box contains fecal matter and no cereal at all, then you are entitled to a refund. The store would likely offer further compensation for any inconvenience. But if you put what you know to be excrement into your mouth, it's your fault.

Daddy said...

Some cereal they have in stores do in fact visual resemble animal fecal matter and the smell could have plausibly be sugared away by excessive amount of HFCS. I will bring one to the next meeting so you have a chance to tell what is it by smell and visual impression alone.

Then you can try it, to tell if your sense of visual and smell perception are sufficient to steer away from eating shit.

Tim Zank said...

What this story illustrates is how clearly our populace has been brainwashed to believe that someone else is ALWAYS responsible or to blame for anything bad that befalls us.

Decades of government "help" giving people something for nothing, coupled with dishonorable and opportunistic lawyers urging everyone and anyone to sue for anything has given us this,
a helpless and clueless population that can't even walk across the street.