Monday, November 23, 2009

The profit motive in healthcare

If the people behind "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" are allowed to make a profit off of their product, then Eli Lily should be allowed to make a profit from its products as well.


Daddy said...

Nonsense. They are not making killing by saving lives, they profit when extending suffering for longer time with expensive long time procedures.

So where you N1H1 vaccine and medicine comes from? UK, France and Swiss. We cannot even manufacture it here, scary of liabilities. Here they develop only what makes them profit. And medication is not that big profit compared to expensive treatment.

So yeah, independent governmemt entities, like NIH should be driving this, so that they try to find a cure instead of temporary treatments.

Gloria said...

Robert, how much is YOUR health worth?

We don't NEED to see movies, buy cars, purchase small electronics, or any of the other unnecessary crap peddled by Corporate America, but you NEED your health, even if your medical records were flushed down the memory hole.

And incidentally, imagine you have testicular cancer. You can't afford treatment. What would you do? Don't blow me off by saying you'd just work until you couldn't work anymore. A flu virus knocked you on your ass in February 2008, and I remember very clearly you calling me up and complaining that you were really, really sick. That was the FLU. At some point, with the cancer, you're NOT going to be able to work.

If a human life is worth less than the money Eli Lilly can make on medicine, then America's priorities are fucked. No other country with subsidized health care thinks like this, and that's why the citizens of those countries live longer. No system is perfect, but would you look into the face of a child and say, "sorry honey, you're gonna die because your mom and dad don't have insurance and can't afford to care for you?" How about this: "mommy's going to die because she doesn't have health insurance." Might be an interesting experiment, but I don't think even you have the balls to do it.

Robert Enders said...

If a drug company is not allowed to make a profit, should any company be allowed to make a profit? Should a real estate company be allowed to make a profit when there are people who are homeless? Should farmers be allowed to make money when there are people who are starving?

The fact is, when societies experimented with collectivized farms, even more people starved. Very few people will work for free.

You can tie all the pink ribbons you want, but there wouldn't be any treatments for breast cancer without someone making money off of it.