Thursday, December 03, 2009

Afghanistan and Iraq: An observation

In 2001, the US demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden. Had they complied, we would not be at war with them and they would be in control of Afghanistan.

In 2003, the US demanded that Saddam Hussein allow UN weapons inspectors to search for WMD's. If he had complied, he would still be alive and in power.

Both the Taliban and the late Saddam Hussein are worse off as a result of their defiance. A skilled politician could argue that our military has succeeded in dealing out retribution to our enemies and it is time to bring our boys and girls home.


Daddy said...

You may be right about Saddam. Once hanged, they believe he has been deprived of his 42 virgins and instead getting some heat. So this can be a detriment.

But Taliban is doing not that bad. Not a backwards third-rate tribal movement any more, but the world opium monopoly, with brand name recognition, who managed to kick ass the world biggest power and get away with it. They have expected us dealing with them the same way as they would have dealt with their neighbors for similar deeds. Since we have not mass slaughtered them, they and their kind may believe they win.

Doug said...

Hussein let inspectors look for the WMDs that didn't exist. Colin Powell then gave his speech about trumped up evidence to the UN. That didn't work, the UN wouldn't authorize an invasion, so the U.S. decided to invade without UN approval. Then Bush demanded Hussein along with his sons surrender within 48 hours, but, even then, started bombing Iraq before the deadline expired.