Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The case against rail

The case against using rail for public transportation is being made in Philadelphia.Workers may have a right to strike, but employers have a right to replace them. It is much easier to replace striking bus drivers than rail workers, because more people have the former skill.

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Daddy said...

A reasonable rail, such as underground metro has been driven by computers with no driver needed since, I believe, late 1960-s. Even in this country, many airport shuttle trains (Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, NewArk, etc) has now no driver in it. Nor even a cabin for a driver. I actually have been personally involved in one such a thing. not that hard to do: speed, distance, time and a bunch of redundant wires/sensors/actuators.

Busses though typically require a human driver. They tried once to make a driverless highway by wire (San Diego in mid 90s), - turns out too much trouble after a single flat tire, one cannot inspect every car every night as one can do with trains and rails.