Monday, November 09, 2009

It shall not pass?

The healthcare bill passed by the House on Saturday might not pass the Senate. Some of you might wonder why would the House rushed on a bill that might not pass at all. The best answer that I can give you is that politics is fueled by drama, not reality.

This bill would have increased the government's financial obligations at a time when the national debt is over $12 trillion. It would have placed an additional burden on employers at a time when unemployment is over %10. The bill even prescribes jail time for those who fail to obtain health insurance. Imagine: Free healthcare, free food, and free orange jumpsuits for those who are less fortunate.


Daddy said...

These unemployment numbers are disputed:

However the health(sic) bill does not add dramatically to already disastrous situation. I would imagine another carter time inflation is next. Looking at the 2010 car prices, its already here.

Gloria said...

Years ago, I tried to purchase health insurance but was denied because of pre-existing conditions. I couldn't afford coverage through the state of Indiana, either.

If you force someone to buy something they can't obtain, either because their money is refused or it costs too much, what's the point?

I think if the powers that be could offer AFFORDABLE health care insurance, that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

And I think it's absolutely disgusting that people hold hog roasts and chicken dinner fundraisers to help pay for medical expenses. I don't consider this "All-American ingenuity", or exhibiting a "can do" attitude. Raising $3,000 for medical bills that exceed $100,000 is like trying to bail out a barrel with a thimble. If you hold hog roasts every month, and average $3K per month, in a little over three years you'll have paid off that bill. The fact we live in a country where we have to do that makes me deeply ashamed.

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