Monday, August 03, 2009

Who said this?

"But the last point I would just make in terms of the operating economic philosophy here: My working assumption has always been, if the market could do it better, have the market do it. I have very little confidence in, as I said, some sort of command-and-control regulatory regime. I think businesses create jobs. And I'm a big believer in the profit motive and think free-market pricing is the best way to figure out how to distribute goods and services in a complex economy. In that sense, maybe I spent too much time at the University of Chicago, but I'm pretty steeped in what would be considered a very mainstream view of the economy and government's role in it. I just think it's a sign of how far our ideological pendulum has swung that the things we suggest are somehow deemed anti-business."

Just for fun, take a guess before finding out the answer here.

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Tim Zank said...

Certainly has no shame does he? What floors me is even though he does this shit all the time (talks out of both sides of his mouth) he gets a complete pass from everybody. They don't care if lies right to their face. They just go "ahhhhhh" what an eloquent speaker.......

He's a freakin' liar.

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