Friday, July 31, 2009

The Gates case

I'm surprised that one unfortunate police encounter has been in the news so long. A police officer wrongfully arrested a professor who wrongfully called him a racist. The fact is that innocent people do get arrested all the time, and police are called racist all the time. I think that this case is attracting a lot of attention because of Professor Gates' social status. If this happened to an auto mechanic, we wouldn't be hearing about it.

A couple thoughts:
1. It generally doesn't serve one's interests to call a police officer a racist or otherwise insult him. If he's not racist, he might get offended. If he is in fact a racist, then you aren't telling him anything that he doesn't already know.
2. Police officers should control their own emotions when dealing with emotional people.

Both the police and the public have to meet each other halfway to get along in the streets.


Jeff Pruitt said...

I think it's getting attention because Gates was a friend of the President. If it was the President's auto mechanic then I think it would still be getting attention

Tim Zank said...

Self righteous, pious, holier than thou harvard professor. Black or white, he's a flaming asshole. You'll never convince me the cops that work that beat aren't EXTREMELY sensitive to color, creed, nationality, and mostly, holier than thou academics of all races.

I went to college, both my parents went to college, I have a wife that went to college, I have kids in college, I have (2) brothers and a sister that teach in colleges (with PHD's). Colleges are bastions for an enormous amount of fricked up people that live in fricking bubbles. The majority couldn't unlock their own frickin car, but they have the capability and authority to bend the minds of our youth in ways that are incomprehensible.

We don't have an education system, we have an indoctrination system.

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