Monday, January 26, 2009

What I spent on Gas

To All,

Since 2003 I've recorded what I've spent on gas and driving. 2003 & 2004 were incomplete. 2005 got better as did 2006. 2007 was almost 100% along w/ 2008.

I just thought I'd share a little w/ you.

In 2007 I drove 12,595 miles and spent $1,615.05 on 559.468 gallons of fuel. This was in my 2002 Focus and I used premium fuel from mid August to the end of the year. I did this to see whether the use of premium fuel would significantly improve my vehicles mileage.

My Focus was destroyed in my Christmas Eve accident.

My new car is a safer 2002 Volvo S80.

In 2008 I drove 15,297 miles and spent $2,395.12 on 707.452 gallons of fuel. My Volvo requires premium so that would equate to about $100 over the Focus.

Fuel efficiency is almost the same. My Focus averaged 22.65 MPG and my Volvo averaged 22.12 MPG.

The cheapest gas I bought in 2007 was $1.88 on Jan 18th and the cheapest gas I bought in 2008 was $1.54 on Dec 27th.

Just sad to see where fuel prices have gone.


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Gloria said...

I have a 1994 Geo Metro. When I bought it, the sticker said 46 MPG city; 49 on the highway. I am not sure what it is now, but it is still better than probably any regular car out there, except for the hybrids. Just the other night, a guy was asking me about the car and we chatted for a while. A few Labor Day weekends ago, a guy from up the street knocked on my door and offered to buy it from me. No one believes it's a three-cylinder car, but it is. Having a tiny engine means no power, but great mileage. It is, by far, the best investment I've ever made and that includes all my schooling. If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy the same car.