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EDITOR: This is an excerpted forward from my original post on my personal blog F6 for your perusal. You may read the information in full context by clicking on the above previous link.

1. Commit to using less power by switching to CFL or LED lighting. They are going the way of the dinosaur and the 8 track cassette tape, oblivion in 2011. The Enviromental Working Group released the results of their study into the best, least toxic, long lasting CFL bulbs on the market. Listing in the top seven were: Earthmate, Litetronics, Sylvania, Feit, MaxLite and Philips. (Photo: Towle Road)

2. Claim your tax credits for 2009 by making your home more efficent now. One of the things accomplished by the Wall Street Bailout was the restoration of the home energy efficency tax credits that had expired in 2007. For more information and a detailed list of tax credits, visit the US Government's ENERGY STAR website.

3. Attend workshops at Allen Co. Public Library to learn how to make your home energy efficient. The Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) is hosting monthly workshops on different areas that affect Hoosier Homeowners. There are two remaining courses Basic Photo Voltaics on the 4th of February and Introduction to Residential Wind on the 17th of March this quarter. To register for the free OED workshops contact: Chris Dorman (info is @ bottom of page), as space is limited. Once you register, more detailed information will be sent to you.

4. Watch the Docu Drama LIQUID ASSETS when it rebroadcast in February on PBS 39. "Liquid Assets" tells the story of essential utility systems: drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. These complex and aging systems-some in the ground for more than 100 years-are critical for basic sanitation, public safety, economic development, and a host of other necessities of life. The documentary highlights communities from across the United States, providing an understanding of hidden water infrastructure assets, demonstrating watershed protection approaches, and illustrating twenty-first century solutions. On the 28th of January Fort Wayne City Utilities is hosting a screening and discussion at the Allen Co. Public Library.

5. Get a little dirty for clean rivers and water. Participate in Save Maumee and other organizations river clean up projects. For now the fourth year in a row, Abi and Ryan Bailey are planning putting together Save Maumee's Earth Day Project this year it will take place on Divine Mercy Sunday, the 19th of April, 2009 from 11A-4P.

6. Insist that the City uses pedal power for all concerts and events Downtown. We have all heard of Rock The Vote initiatives since the early nineties to get people out to exercise their civil duties and participate in the political process. Do you want to see something really cool and a way to literally return the power to the people? Then check out Rock The Bike and these soon possibilities of people generated power supplies coming to a concert venue near you.

SoyLent Green, Here We Come! This is just the beginning of the list to find out the last three and view more detailed information and analysis check out this post on F6 at your leisure.

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