Thursday, January 15, 2009

Timothy Geithner

Timothy Geithner, the nominee to replace Hank Paulson as SecTres, supposedly forgot to pay his Social Security and Medicare taxes.

A couple questions:
1. Is it at all possible for someone involved in finance to not know that he is supposed to pay these taxes?
2. If a Republican or Libertarian were accused of the same offense, could he get away with claiming that he forgot?
3. Shouldn't anyone who believes in the Social Security system be calling for this guy's head?

Perhaps it is best that we all overlook this. But if it is overlooked when Mr. Geithner does it, it should be overlooked when anyone else does it.


Tim Zank said...

Kind of a sad reflection on the state of things today, but because he's a dem, he'll get a pass. They all do.

Eric Dondero said...

Hope you don't mind. I pinched this for Libertarian Republican blog.

Your comments are right on!

Robert Enders said...

Eric Dondero,
You are welcome to use our material as long as you cite the source. I'm glad you enjoy our blog.

Phil Marx said...

I'll steal a quote from Mike Sylvester here and say "This is an embarrasment to the Democratic Party!" Geithner's record here should be a problem for nomibation to any position, but the fact that he probably will actually be confirmed to oversee Treasury is pathetic.

And no, it's not just dem Dem's who get this kind of free pass. It's our entire corrupt political culture that says "If you believe in what I do (or at least advocate for it), then I will never criticise anything you do."

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