Friday, January 02, 2009

Gas tax

It's rare that you'll hear a libertarian call for a tax increase, but here it is in this article.
Very few people, libertarian or otherwise, enjoy paying taxes. But it is argued that gas taxes are a fair way to pay for road construction. It's certainly more fair than than using revenue from income tax. But the problem that I have with this is that a person driving a $90K electric car pays no gasoline tax but still uses and benefits from the same roads that I pay for when I buy gas for my 1995 Suzuki Swift. If you use public roads then you should pay for public roads, regardless of how fuel efficient your car is. The best solution that I can come up with is to have states collect a federal tax to pay for interstate highways when motorists renew their license plates.

To call a gas tax a "carbon tax" is dishonest if that same tax isn't applied to coal, natural gas, ethanol, kerosene, wood, or any other organic material burned by humans. You cannot claim that the purpose of the tax is protect the environment if the funds are used to pay for road construction and maintenance.


tim zank said...

There is absolutely NO reason for any additional "gas tax"....Stop spending on stoopid shit, and spend existing moneys on roads and infrastructure. They can start by reducing each congress persons "staff" expense by 1 million per year...It's averaging 2 million a year right now...

F6's Editor said...

Actually what would be really interesting is three things.

There is a plan out of Oregon to start taxing for miles rather than gas which would provide elimination of most of the gas tax at the state level and then people would actually be taxed for the miles they drive on public roads rather than the business they choose to patronize.

This is what happens when you improve something tax revenues decrease. Attaching a $.50-2.00 tax on cigarettes for childrens health programs and people cut back on their smoking and then there is less revenue for the plan the tax was implemented for in the first place.

We need to go back to a consumer based tax and not an income based tax period, pointe blank, and simple.

As far as Congress goes we need to think about reintroducing one of the ammendments that didnt pass with the Bill of Rights and actually bring the Congressional Districts to a reasonable number of constituents.

Plus we need to force Congress to pass Truth in Legislation platform principles which would seriously curtail a lot of spending immeadiately once passed.

Bernie's Dad said...

Oh Father,
Instead of trying what has failed miserably in Europe, such as a high sales tax, about 20-25%, resulting in increased underground economy and impoverishing of already poor folks, its worth considering what has succeeded there, for example, a vehicle tax based on vehicle's weight(proportionally affecting road wear), with limits on vehicle weight(road wear) and length(safety), plus a pollution tax, so that all those dirty polluting trucks, trains, boats and yes loan moaners are taxed for poisoning out lungs, while Bob's clean air Tesla avoids all taxes.. until its battery needs to be recycled.

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