Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

One way you can observe today's holiday (aside from refusing to use public transportation) is to read MLK's "Letter from Birmingham Jail". (Hat tip to

We'll be addressing present-day social and economic injustice at the downtown library at 7pm tonight. While these injustices certainly are pale when compared to what civil rights activists experienced during the 1960's, it beats sitting on the couch. Sloth is no way to honor a great man.

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gadfly said...

Sadly, MLK's "Letter" is yet another example of the plagiarisms that haunted his writings.

Mark Royden Winchell's essay, "Canonizing Martin Luther King" broadly covers the incidents of plagerisms found in M.L.'s papers. Keith D. Miller cites specific plagerized passages of "Letter" in "Voice Of Deliverance: The Language Of Martin Luther King, Jr. And Its Sources."

Miller's book forward says: "What made the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.s so inspiring to all people and enabled blacks and whites to move in harmony to action and commitment? Keith Miller shows how the skillful borrowing and blending of both black and white written traditions was the key to King's effectiveness.Martin Luther King Jr's words defined, mobilized and embodied much of the American civil rights movement, but disclosures about his unattributed appropriations in his PhD dissertation have questioned whether his voice was truly his own. This study traces the intellectual roots of his language."