Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A sad day in Fort Wayne

Matt Kelty is selling his house to help pay his legal bills and personal debts.

You can read more here:


I wonder how many local press outlets are celebrating...

Mike Sylvester


gadfly said...

Well, shortly after the lede, the reporter rehashed the indictment without reference to Kelty's efforts to have charges dismissed.

I wonder why it was necessary to print the story that a private citizen was selling his house. It certainly is nor ever was the concern of the voters of Allen County.

bobett said...

It certainly is sad. I wonder
how the democratic party and Kevin Knuth sleeps at night.
Or for that matter the Republican
party Steve Shine.

I guess Steve Shine is too busy
with his cases to lend a mind.

I think in the long run Mr. Kelty will be innocent of all the charges. But that $128,000 give or take in question will take it's toll on him and his family fighting City hall.

No wonder it's hard to get good people to run for office.