Friday, January 04, 2008

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette front page story

First of all they are still delivering the JG to my house even though I cancelled it many weeks ago... I wish they would stop.

Second of all they ran a front page story from the Associated Press that is inaccurate.

It reads "Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards struggled for supremacy in a close Democratic contest.

Lets look at the results:
Obama, 38%
Edwards, 30%
Clinton, 29%

This race was "called" in the very early evening Thursday night.

Barack Obama won by a large margin; yet the AP story thinks it was a close race and so the JG just copies that AP story and makes it their lead story?


Mike Sylvester


Rachel said...

This is one of the realities of a daily newspaper deadline. Things aren't necessarily tied up by the time the paper goes bed. Nearly all newspapers rely on wire stories for national stories. I'm a big fan of the print newspaper, but I also recognize its shortcomings. For complete news coverage, you need a variety of sources.

Jon Olinger said...

It's the Journal Gazette (and the AP for that matter) Why use facts when none are called for?

Tim Zank said...

Rachel is right about one thing, the majority of newspapers simply re-tread the AP story.

Phil Marx said...

I cancelled my JG subscription two weeks ago. I told the woman on the phone that I felt they frequently put their opinions above the facts, and this made their paper worthless to me. I stated that the oly way I would ever consider re-subscribing is if Tracy Warner left their paper. She thanked me for my opinion, and said it would be noted.

The newspapers they dropped on my porch for the next several days went directly into the trash can - unread. Then they sent me a re-subscription offer. I placed the card (with glue on both sides) back inside of the postage paid envelope. I wrote Happy Holidays on the outside of the letter and mailed it.

Andrew Kaduk said...

LOL @ Phil.

I have several friends who return ALL of their postage prepaid offers (junkmail) no matter who they come from, just to cost the senders even MORE money. I wish I was patient enough to do that...can you imagine how little junk mail there would be if everybody returned blank enrollment forms in postage prepaid envelopes to the senders? It would cost the credit card companies Millions.

Anyway, more on topic, the MSM is absolutely frothing every orifice to get a Clinton in office. When the Clintons last occupied the White House, there was cannon fodder for the press EVERY DAY. The kind of BS tabloid-like stories that come from that family/administration have MSM junk standing at attention already just with the whiff of a distant (and unlikely) prospect they are getting up their snouts.

Clintons sell newspapers, just like Kennedys and Princess Diana. Americans have an insatiable hunger for media-borne tripe...whereby creating a need for the newspapers to "roll their own." It's not that Hillary Clinton has good ideas....quite to the contrary, her ideas are absolutely preposterous and some are even dangerous. Nay, she and her family sell newspapers and get wandering eyes back on CNN.

Anonymous said...


I think it is great that you immediately disposed of the paper they sent you, but perhaps next time you could recycle it instead of throwing it in the trash can.

Or better yet, use it to help start a fire, or line the bottom of a bird cage.

Jeff Pruitt said...


I used to write "Return to Sender" on all my junk mail until my cousin (who was a mail carrier) told me they don't return most of that crap - they simply throw it away...

Andrew Kaduk said...


Open the mail, stuff the blank enrollment/order form in the "no postage necessary if mailed in US" envelopes they provide and throw them in the mailbox. The company that sent you the junk mail has to pay for every one of those envelopes that gets sent through the postal meters. It's not just a simple "return to sender," it's more work than that...but it DOES cost them money. Their sorting centers collect it as if it's an envelope with an order/enrollment because it was sent via their own "business reply mail" system. They have no way of knowing that the contents are actually blank, or if there are any contents at all. It's just an envelope that they only have to pay for if you use it.

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