Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LPAC Has New Chair

To All,

At last night meeting Doug Horner was approved as the new Chairman for the LPAC.

I think it is a great testament to the previous Chairs Mike Sylvester and Jennifer Jeffries that we have been able to transition through the sudden resignation of a chairman. This would have caused chaos in many other counties and we have effected a smooth transition here in Allen County.

I will only be Chairman until our April convention. At the April convention I will run for Chairman of the LPAC. As of right now I do NOT intend to run again. I may change my mind but I doubt it.

After the end of last nights meeting I resigned as Secretary of the LPAC and have appointed Ken White as Secretary. Per our bylaws there will be a vote to approve him at the next business meeting.

I told the other officers some monthes ago that I would run one more time as Secretary and after that I was done. Meetings are only once per month but that adds up as the years go by.

I hope I can do as well as the previous Chairs and will probably be asking for a lot of help in the coming months.

Should any of the readers be fed up with the current status quo and believe in a smaller government that does not interfere in the lives of its citizens or businesses the Libertarian Party would welcome your membership. Contact me if you are interested.


Doug Horner
Chairman, LPAC

1 comment:

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think you will be a great Chiar!

Mike Sylvester

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