Thursday, January 24, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package stupidity

Well the politicians in Washington are at it again; they are hurting our economy in the long run by increasing the Federal deficit, again...

Does anyone remember when the Democrats swept to power and absolutely promised to follow the "pay as you go" rules? Well, guess what. They lied, again. They are suspending them and they are going to add about 150 billion more to the Federal budget deficit...

This entire "economic stimulus package" will be borrowed and will be paid back with interest by future generations.

This economic stimulus package is more about re-election then helping our economy...

I am disgusted by both Republicans and Democrats...

It is really time to elect some new people and send them to Washington.

Does anyone reading this blog think that the current "economic stimulus" package is a good idea for the long term economic prospects of this country?

Mike Sylvester


Kevin said...


Get ready for a shock.....

I agree with you. This is about re-election and NOT about the best solution.

That's politics.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

It is a shock, we rarely agree...


bobett said...

Could there be more diverse individuals in Allen County that

I'm with you Kevin & Mike.
I agree too.

"I am disgusted by both Republicans and Democrats...

It is really time to elect some new people and send them to Washington.

Thanks Mike.

Tim Zank said...

This doesn't even vaguely resemble an economic stimulus plan, it's an out and out bribe for votes by pandering chickenshit politicians meant to pacify voters who apparently still believe in the tooth fairy.
Both sides should be tarred and feathered for literally throwing money into the wind, but I took special exception to Ms. Pelosi's statement today (I paraphrase) "We are prepared to add to it, should this not be enough to stimulate the economy".... Sheesh...

This is wrong on SO many levels.

John B. Kalb said...

You all realize that this stuff all started with the stupid bail-out of Chrysler when we went for a true disregard of corporate responsibility - to a political system that "props up" the weak sisters to the detriment of our total economy. And we complain of corporate irresponsibility! How about governmental irrresponsibility? I also believe that without a change in direction, we are in for a complete failure of our social system - which has been the best that ever existed to this time in history. John B. Kalb

bobett said...

I guess this stimulus package and
the Indiana tax reform is "Full on dialogue"

It gets better here:
January 24, 2008

House likely to OK tax relief
GOP dislikes some changes to bill, but most provisions remain.

Read it and look at what Hoosiers
say about it on the comments sections:

Tim Zank said...

Mike, your a CPA, tell me if this would work.

Let's take it to the next logical step. I don't have a calculator with enough zeros on it, so I'll just guess.

How about we completely do away with welfare, medicare, medicaid, and all entitlement programs completely. In turn, we simply cut a check every year to everybody for say, $200,000 and everyone pays out of pocket for all services.

Like I said, I don't have a calculator capable of that calculation, but 300 million people times $200k is probably less than what we spend now.

Think of the economic stimulus!!!

Robert Enders said...

I AM a calculator capable of that calculation.
300,000,000 people times $200,000 is $60,000,000,000,000.

That is $60 trillion. According to the CIA World Factbook, the entire world's GDP is $65.82 trillion. But this plan could work in theory if the US started taxing all foriegn nationals. I cannot predict what Hu Jintao will do when he gets a 1040 in the mail.

gadfly said...

John Kalb ...

I doubt that the Chrysler loan started the nonsense. However I need to point out that that was one of the few Acts of Congress that did not end up costing the taxpayer. Chrysler returned all money loaned with interest well ahead of the prescribed repayment schedule. We can thank Lee Iaccoca.

John B. Kalb said...

Gadfly - And it really "fixed" the problem at Chrysler, didn't it? They have been money losers ever since. You don't fix this type problem with a bail-out - It's just like our welfare system - you don't pay someone to not work - only this is corporate welfare. I'll bet that our "getting smaller" three are all going to be at the public trough soon. John B. Kalb

Robert Enders said...

As a rule of thumb, economic stimulus packages do not work. Sure, you can likely point out one or two government programs that "worked". I can point out 5 that didn't work, and one of them will be the one that made the program that you cited necessary in the first place.

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