Friday, July 07, 2006

Results from the 2D Quiz over the last couple of days from this blog

Thanks for posting your results. This is of course NOT scientific... Many of the people who visit this blog are Libertarians... These results mean little, except, what some of the more active readers of this blog feel according to this short quiz.

Out of 23 readers who posted their results:
Moderate Libertarian 13
Radical Libertarian 4
Libertarian Leaning Centrist 2
Centrist Conservative 2
Moderate Social Conservation 1
"Blogofascist" ????? 1

These are interesting results.

What do I conclude from them?

Nothing for sure, there is not enough data and the quiz is too short to come to a true conclusion.

I think the results of this quiz fairly closely match the comments my readers tend to leave.

In my mind there are only two true "radical libertarian's" who come to this blog a lot.

I need to find some more. I enjoy the conversations.

The LP is big enough for MANY factions. I like "radical libertarians."

We should all work together...

Mike Sylvester
Moderate Libertarian and Incrementalist


Jeff Pruitt said...

Unfortunately the radicals dominate the libertarian party and essentially stonewall it from achieving any real progress - that is if you perceive progress to be national party acceptance...

Robert Enders said...

We percieve progress to be moving the country in a libertarian direction. If an established politician "steals" our ideas, presents them as his own, and gets them adopted as policy, that is as good as if we did it ourselves.

Jeff Pruitt said...


That's an interesting take for a member running on the LP ticket to take. I belive the party needs its own identity because that is the only way it can effectively push its agenda.

Based on Mike's statements from the convention as well as your own statements, I think the LP might as well quit calling themselves a party and just officially become an ideology advocate as they are not serious about getting candidates elected...

LP Mike Sylvester said...


Actually I think after 2008 we will be a real political party...

We just need to remove the rest of the platform and the Pledge.

Mike Sylvester

Robert Enders said...

All political parties exists for the purpose of advocating an ideological agenda. Some simplay have more support and more access to financial resources. You might wake up one day with an set of ideas and goals for making the world a better place, but to start a party based on those ideas takes a long time. To get that party to grow into a viable political organization takes even longer.

Anonymous said...

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