Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day and The Portland LP Convention

Independence Day is an important day in America. It celebrates our Independence and the formation of The United States.

I think the best chance we have to restore The American Dream is a reformed Libertarian Party.

We made progress in Portland this last weekend. We removed a majority of an archaic platform that many Libertarians do not agree with.

We had about half of the Convention willing to remove the "Pledge" that should be removed.

We were able to defeat an inflammatory declaration that would have damaged us as a Political Party.

I know there are a lot of Libertarians that are discouraged by the above items. These Libertarians are "theoretical Libertarians" who I disagree with on some issues. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THEM TO BE DISCOURAGED.

There is room in the LP for both reformers and "theoretical" Libertarians.

If you do not like the changes made in Portland then you have to work over the next two years. GO out and convince people that you are right and I am wrong.


The Libertarian Party needs people with a lot of different ideas. The Republicans and Democrats have many factions in their large pool of members. It is inevitable when you grow as a Party.

It is healthy.

I have added a link to The Libertarian Reform Caucus on my sidebar. I ask all Libertarians to visit the LRC site and I hope you all join the LRC as soon as possible. Get involved. Help us make the LP a more viable and successful Political Party.


Debbie said...

"We made progress in Portland this last weekend. We removed a majority of an archaic platform that many Libertarians do not agree with."

That's interesting. I was always told by those wanting to change the platform that it wasn't that they did not agree with it. It was that there was just too much in there and it gave people a way to distract from a candidate's message about the particular office she was running for.

They said they agreed with it because after all, it was only applying the basic principle to a lot of different areas.

It just got in the way of running effective political campaigning.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


Some people feel the way you desribed for sure.

I do not.

I would like to see us adopt a one paragraph vision statement rather then a large and sometimes poorly written platform.

There are many planks that do not make sense to me.

For example there is a plank that advocates ZERO taxation.

This is a terrible plank. The Constitution provides for a certain level of government and taxation...

Mike Sylvester

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