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Press Release from Mike Kole

July 24, 2006 Contact
For Immediate Release Mike Kole 317-709-3874

Barring Libertarians From Ballot Embarrassing, Wrong

Kole Questions Integrity of New Hoop Only Libertarians Had To Jump Through

Fishers, IN- The Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) discovered today that several of its candidates were not going to be certified by the Elections Division, because the LPIN failed to observe a new law that applied only to Libertarians.

“There is no integrity in a law like this,” said Mike Kole, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State.

LPIN was notified Monday afternoon in a letter from the Division. The Division cited several sections of Indiana Code, but specifically highlighted IC 3-8-4-10 and IC 3-10-2-15. These sections include only those parties which win 2-10% of the SOS race.

There is only one party that is so described- the Libertarian Party. The Republicans and Democrats in the Indiana House and Senate knew that when they wrote the law. In other words, a law designed to trip up Libertarians succeeded.

“When two business giants get together to exclude their next largest competitor, it is called collusion, and it is illegal,” said Kole. “And yet, when the Republicans and Democrats conspire to exclude Libertarians, it’s just the law of the state, and must be followed,” he said, pointing to the insulting comments made by the Division in the letter:

“To be sure, the division is bound by our laws, as we are a nation of laws.”

“It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy, especially when you consider that American soldiers are dying in Iraq to make sure the Iraqi people are given what Hoosiers are being denied here- full minority party ballot representation,” said Kole.

Mike Kole is not among the candidates being kept off the ballot. Kole was nominated at the LPIN’s state convention in April, 2006, has met the filing deadlines, and will appear on the November ballot.

Kole explained how the barring of others relates to his campaign.

“Secretary of State is Indiana’s chief elections official,” said Kole. “When I am elected Secretary of State, I will use the authority of that position, as Indiana's chief elections officer, to review and scrutinize the election code for fairness, to educate the people of our state of the many inequities in the law directly and via the media, and to use the position to lobby the Indiana Legislature to strip unfair portions of the law away,” he said.”These are things that a Secretary of State interested in integrity and accountability does. These are important actions a Secretary of State who believes in fairness takes. These are things that is what I will do,” Kole stated.


IC 3-8-4 and subsequent subsections pertain to state party conventions, and are found at:

IC 3-84-10 applies only to LPIN, and to no other political party.

IC 3-10-2 and subsequent subsections pertain to the general elections, and are found at:

IC 3-10-2-15 applies only to LPIN, and to no other political party.

A high-resolution headshot photo of Mike Kole is available upon request.

Mike Kole is available for comment. Call Mike directly on 317-709-3874 to set up an interview.

Mike Kole’s media presence includes his campaign website:, and his blog, “Kole Hard Facts:

Paid for and authorized by the Committee to Elect Mike Kole. Ken Johnson, Treasurer.

1 comment:

Robert Enders said...

This does not affect my candidacy either, but I'm still upset by it. I'd be upset even if it happened to a different party.

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