Monday, July 24, 2006

Our Government

As most of you know The United States supports both Israel and its military. We give them billions of dollars a year and we give them specific military aid.

We also give foreign aid to Lebanon. Now we are giving emergency humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

Israel is bombing the crap out of Lebanon...

We are spending money on both sides. We do that a lot...

Mike Sylvester


Vote Wise said...

I'm for helping people that help us. To the extent that Israel helps us, we should help them. Israel helps us in many ways, but their transgressions should not go unnoticed. We don't have many better friends especially in the Middle East, but that friendship has a cost.

The bottom line however, is that we have a lot of common interests. We share some strategic goals, and their defeat is not in our strategic interests. Their victory however goes a long way toward our strategic interests. We need to support Israel in this epic struggle for the future of western civilization.

Anonymous said...

Just think of how many lives and money the US would have saved since WWII, if we'd had stayed out of other countries conflicts and not tried to shape the world in our image. Our image, that we see in the mirror, differs sharply from that that others see us.

Tim Zank said...

anonymous....If we had stayed out of other countries conflicts since WWII, there is a very high probability you would not be alive right now, or that you would be living behind large isolationist walls. Like it or not, since the first world war, we have been the worlds' police force and our image is a moot point considering we've kept the world from blowing itself up

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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