Friday, July 15, 2005

Seatbelt laws are silly

The current seat belt laws enforced in Indiana are senseless. There is no reason for the government to force law abiding citizens to wear seat belts in their own vehicles. Each person needs to be responsible for their own actions; it is not, and never has been, the government’s job to pass laws that protect adults from their own actions.

If we allow the government to keep passing silly laws where will it stop? Will the government pass a law making smoking cigarettes illegal? It is a statistical fact that far more people die of first and second hand smoke then die due to people not wearing seat belts! Will the government pass a law making it illegal for citizens to be obese? It is another statistical fact that being obese is a hazard to your health; obesity definitely causes more deaths then not wearing a seat belt. I certainly do not want the government passing any more of these silly laws.

If you are caught by the police not wearing your seat belt, you have to pay a $25 fine. I have a much better use for that $25. Join the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is doing what it can to limit the expansion of government. We need your help. Please join a group of people that has banded together to oppose the expansion of government and the continued erosion of the United States Constitution. Please contact me at or give me a phone call at 260-338-0833. You can learn more about us at


Matt Jericho said...

Here's my question - and don't think that I disagree with civil liberties when I say this. (I believe that seatbelt checkpoints are a gross violation of anyone's freedom of privacy.)

Isn't anyone who dosen't wear their seatbelt in violation of my rights? Don't I have the right to drive past the scene of an accident instead of waiting for 20 minutes while the medics scrape some idiot's face off of the pavement with a butter knife?

Just a question. Cheers and good luck.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

An interesting take on the situation Matt.

I agree that it is frustrating when poeple get hurt due to not wearing their seat belts. I ALWAYS wear my seat belt. I just feel that it is a personal choice we make, not something the government should ever get involved in. I am tired of the "Nanny state!"

I feel that the automobile insurance companies have a right in all of this. I think that insurance companies should be able to charge poeple who do NOT wear seat belts more then they charge the rest of us.

I am not sure that I answered your comment.

Matt Jericho said...

I understand where you are comming from, but how can insurance companies make sure that motorists are wearing their seat belts? Unless you want to install cameras in every vehicle on the road (which is a horrible idea,) you have to have some sort of governmental mandate which dictates it. At that point the people who wear their seatbelts will be fine and the ones who do not (if caught) will have their auto insurance rates raised or revoked.

BTW - please don't think that I'm trying to be a jerk or anything. I love debate and respect your opinion. I also agree with soe of them and agree with the spirit of almost all of them.

Anonymous said...

In the case of the insurance companies charging according to seatbelt usage, I think this is a very practical and practicable option. An individual seeking insurance would agree or not agree to wear a seatbelt, and be charged accordingly. If the individual agreed, but did not wear a seatbelt, the insurance company would not be liable for damages due to that individual's breach of contract. The enforcement/verification of seatbelt usage would come from the forensics of the accident. In any serious accident (which would be the only ones where seatbelt usage would be of interest to the insurance company), the injuries sustained would provide the necessary proof. A seatbelt will leave a telltale bruise. This method of enforcement can be done without cameras being installed all over the place or any governmental intrusion. Disputes about whether or not a seatbelt was being worn during an accident could be settled in civil court, the appropriate place for businesses and individuals to have contracts enforced.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I am not 100% sure how the insurance company's would handle it; but, I picture something like "anonymous said" proposed. I would think that when you get car insurance they would ask you whether you are going to wear a seatbelt.

If you tell them you will not wear a seat belt you will then pay higher rates. If you tell them you will wear a seat belt and sign a statement to that effect, then you pay lower rates. If the forensics of an accident later shows that you did not have a seat belt on, then you will have your insurance revoked and possibly pay a penalty.

As far as having a camera in every car; no, of course not. I would be 100% against that. Our privacy is being infringed on too much as it is.

Do not worry about offending me Matt Jericho! I have a thick skin and I love discussing issues. I do not offend easily.

observedobserver said...

I think a point that is being missed is that it was the insurance companies that pressed for the passage of such a bill. They were looking for a way to reduce the amount of monies spent on traffic accident claims. Now, if it is proven that you weren't wearing a seatbelt when you crashed...they have a loophole to get out of paying health claims or possibly death claims.

David Belville

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