Friday, July 15, 2005

My first BLOG

I am a Fort Wayne native who is interested in local politics. I am happily married to my wife Karena and we have two great kids. Kayla is four and Graydon is two.

I live on the north side of Fort Wayne and was recently annexed into The City of Fort Wayne against the will of my family and my neighbors.

I started this BLOG to discuss politics. I want to focus on local politics, with occasional forays into both Indiana and Federal politics. I hope to get several people to become involved with this BLOG.

I was a Reagon Republican until about 1996. I was stationed on a nuclear submarine in Pearl Harbor at the time. I was extremely excited about The Republican Contract with America. In fact, I immediately joined a local campaign and contributed money to The Republican Party. I believe in everything contained in The Contract with America.

I left The Republican Party in 1996. I became upset when The Republican Party decided not to press forward with the legislation that they promised. I am especially upset with the fact that The Republican Party is now expanding the size of government even more then Bill Clinton did when he was President. How is that possible? We have a Republican Congress, Senate, and President, they used to believe in a smaller, more limited government.

I have simple beliefs. I love my family and I love my country. I am very patriotic and support The United States military. I am a fiscal conservative, I do not believe in deficit spending and I believe that we should have a balanced budget. I believe in the Constitution of The United States. I believe in States rights. I hate the fact that the Federal government extorts the fifty States on a regular basis. I do not believe in a "nanny state." I think the government needs to be limited and should not be involved in every aspect of our lives.

Please let me know what you believe in and what you think!


Mike Kole said...

Welcome to the blogsosphere, Mike! You're doing something incredibly valuable for the people of Fort Wayne, Allen County, and the areas surrounding you, by discussing topics that wouldn't be investigated nearly so thoroughly if you hadn't, and definitely from a perspective that others wouldn't be bringing to the discourse.

Fellow Libertarians from across Indiana are excited at the rapid progress the Allen County party is making, so we'll look forward to reading your blog, and to following your action.

Yours in liberty-
-Mike Kole
Fishers, IN

Debbie said...

Mike, I'm wondering if the Libertarian party is simply the new home for disgruntled Republicans. What do you think?

Also, what makes you think that if the LP ever got in the position of political power that they would be any different than the Republicans? If the republicans claimed they were for smaller, more limited government and then when they actually got the power, we find they were just as susceptible to the power grabs as anyone else, why would people who gravitated toward the LP be any different once they realized they had the power?

What do you mean when you say you support the U.S. military? Do you always think they are right?

You speak about being an ex-republican and a fiscal conservative. But libertarianism is more than that. What sorts of beliefs do you have on social issues, as they relate to libertarian philosophy?

What does "very patriotic" mean?

Just a few questions in the hopes of getting something going on your blog.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

You bring up some interesting points Debbie.

I am a disgruntled Republican in many ways. I have many Libertarian ideas and I have many Republican ideas.

There certainly is more to Libertarianism then what I have mentioned so far on this blog. I believe in personal freedoms. I believe in the rights of the fifty states. I believe the Federal government is far too large and involved in too many things. For example, I do not like seat belt laws and smoking ordinances.

I will be interested to see what happens when we get Libertarians elected to more offices. I hope that we stick to our core principles; but, I imagine some of us will not. That seems to be human nature, power corrupts.

When I say I support the U.S. military I mean exactly that. I am a military veteran. I beleive we must always maintain the most powerful military in the world. I think we should fully support our troops when they are engaged in foreign conflicts. That being said, the military does need to be reformed. We waste a lot of money on military spending and we need to stop that!

There are a lot of social issues that I feel strongly about. I will list a couple here.

Abortion. I believe that abortion is wrong most of the time; however, I do not think it is the governments job to tell its citizens whether they can have an abortion or not. I do not think the Federal government should be involved in abortion at all. It should be a state issue. I imagine that we would end up with some states allowing abortions and other states making it illegal.

I think "pot" should not be regulated by the Federal government at all. This is a state issue. Each of the fifty states should have their own laws on whether "pot" is legal or illegal.

When I say I am "very patriotic" I am saying that I love my country. I certainly do not agree with everything my government is doing; but, I love America and what it stands for.

I hope this makes my views a little more clear!

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