Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Republican Contract with America, they lied!

In 1994 The Republican Party swept to power with an unprecedented political ploy. They made a "Contract with America." In this "Contract" they promised to do certain things. It turns out, they lied.

I was a devout Republican in 1994. I was deployed overseas on a nuclear submarine when the "Contract" came out. When I read it I was extremely excited. I thought that our politicians were finally going to straighten Washington out. I was wrong. The Republicans used the "Contract" as a political promise to get in power. Once they got in power, they became just like the politicians they replaced. The voters need to remember that and get rid of these politicians.

There are two portions of the "Contract." The first part of the "Contract" has a total of eight items that The Republicans promised to handle on the first day of the Republican majority. The second half of the "Contract" consists of ten items The Republicans promised to implement within the first hundred days.

Over ten years have passed since this "Contract" allowed The Republicans to take power in Congress. Each year the Republican married has gotten larger and larger. There is no reason why the Republicans could not have passed all eighteen items over the last ten years. We have a Republican Senate and a Republican President. All eighteen items should be law. They are not!

We will analyze all eighteen items over the next few days.

Our very own Congressional Representative, Mark Souder, was elected on this platform. We will grade his progress on his promises.

I want to know how you all feel about this "Contract!"

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