Friday, July 16, 2010

New state ID law is idiotic.

Now Indiana requires everybody to show ID when buying alcohol, no matter how old they look. Maybe there is some 19 year old out there who looks like George Burns due to some horrible illness that I shouldn't even joke about. If he is out there and he looks that old, then he deserves a drink.


Daddy said...

Do you expect our rulers not to follow their own best interest?

Robert Enders said...

Interesting point, but how does this serve the interest of the governor and the General Assembly? I think that the liquor lobby was tired of getting burned by kids working as informants. So they ask for this law, so store clerks can say "Sorry Granny, I have to ask for ID because it's the law."

Daddy said...

The point of our ruling clique is to turn paranoid "not in my lawn" American sheeple into total submission, so that they can continue their goal of consolidating power and enriching themselves, in naive believe that things will continue the way they were. Nothing new here. Happened so many time in the past. However the savages are at the gate, n.koreans with 9 mil riflemen and iranians with 12 (below number does not include all trained riflemen):

They do not need a wheelchair or a cruiser, to move around, but can actually move with their rifles well without a need to have engine attached to their asses (watch video in this link):

I am not sure where this will lead us. The decay is so fast and drastic, that even former corporate thingies speak out in disgust:

I would imagine they are likely to get slaughtered first if we loose, whenever they realize it or not.

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