Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last year Obama said that the middle of a recession is the wrong time to cut spending. Next year, the White House is predicting a record deficit due to record spending and decreased revenues.

Quick question: If Obama touts government spending as a way to fix the economy, and he has no intention of reducing spending next year, then does that mean he fully expects the recession to continue for another 6 to 18 months?


Daddy said...

Hank Williams Jr, has already answered this question for you:

tim zank said...

His over all intentions and main thrust must to break the bank so to speak. To accomplish his ideal of an all controlling socialist government, you must keep spending until the economy completely collapses.

That or he has the economic I.Q. of a kindergarten student.

Which do you suppose it is?

Robert Enders said...

IQ typically does not increase with age. Therefore I'm almost certain of the latter.

The guy is unpredictable. In some ways, an actual socialist might be better because at least businesses could predict how he would act and make their plans accordingly. Companies are having a lot of problems planning for the future, and that is why they aren't hiring.

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