Thursday, April 08, 2010

Point I was trying to make with the polls

Online surveys are as about as meaningful as a Hollywood marriage. But the point is that if they can make you buy insurance, they can make you do about anything if it serves the public good. To me, this is a violation of privacy, since it's nobody's business if I have insurance or not. So if this survives a SCOTUS challenge, it can set the precedent for overturning Lawrence vs. Texas during the next GOP administration. We could very well be one STD scare from having federal sodomy and chastity laws. That would suck for me, because premarital sex is the only kind of sex that I get to have right now.

Remember Democrats. If you get to violate the Constitution, so do Republicans.


Daddy said...
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Daddy said...

These are small "potatoes" compared to this: