Thursday, April 29, 2010


Some thoughts:
- My biggest problem with securing a border is that it is a complete waste of money. France tried to secure their border during the 1930's. They were fully justified in doing so, but it still didn't do them any good. The goal should not be to protect an arbitrary line in the dirt, but rather to protect people and property.
No modern nation can be sealed off from the outside, because no modern nation is resource independent. Products have to be imported and exported. As long as trucks are allowed to cross over, planes are allowed to land, and ships are allowed to dock, people will be able to get in. Any walls along the border will be symbolic at best.
- The US birthrate is currently below replacement levels. Current US population growth is due to immigration.
- If we can consider Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Dick Cheney as allies in the War on Terror, then immigrants could be consider allies as well. If the legal immigration process is streamlined, more attention could be paid to those who try to sneak in anyway. As things stand now, there are 12 million illegal immigrants. Finding any terrorist needles in the alien haystack will require the help of non-terrorist aliens. A common police tactic is to use minor offenders to squeal on worse criminals. We need immigrants to feel safe in approaching the police for help.


Eustace said...

Securing a border a complete waste of money? The short piece of fence in SoCal has reduced crime dramatically and reduced the drain on public services. Maybe a few hospitals won't be bankrupted, now. The French have always had trouble securing their borders, especially WWI and II. With all the problems with their vast Muslim population, I wouldn't be surprised if they make another feeble effort to secure their borders. Zero population growth should be seen as a positive. Freshwater and other resources are finite. Do you have a supply of water and land to be developed for all the immigrants that you are advocating? How about wastewater and landfills, public services, and prisons? I don't think it takes an environmentalist to see that we can't hold millions upon millions of new immigrants. Why don't you step out of that ivory tower and check out the real America. Sounds like Libertarianism is a great creed for independently wealthy dreamers who live on estates or in gated neighborhoods. I am aware that Libertarians are ok with indentured servitude. My wages are about the same as I made in 1985. Maybe I am ok with indentured servitude, too. 3 squares and a cot in a bunkhouse sounds pretty good right now. It is too bad that you dreamers in your well-insulated villas will be the last to see the carnage your thinking wrought.
I know. I should have become a doctor, a government worker, or a peddler. I believe in making a living by the sweat of my brow and I am fine with capitalism. Let them pay the lowest wages the market will bear. But the playing field isn't level with hordes of third world nationals underbidding me in wages until I can't make a living, no matter what extreme austerity measures I take. Luckily, the illegals don't have to worry about things like child support. Why don't you Libertarians stick with your legalized drugs, sex trade, and indentured servants and stay the hell out of the immigration debate? You be a citizen of the world all you want, I'll stick with the USA. Get yourselves your youthful indentured servant and a big pile of drugs and do the Libertarian thing. Maybe you can count how many spirits can fit on the head of a pin or something.

Robert Enders said...

1. Freshwater is not a finite resource. You drink water from a river or reservoir. Precipitation replenishes that body of water.
2. I wouldn't consider my neighborhood to be a gated community. The county assessor recently assigned a value of $10,000 to my house.
3. There are so many vacant houses in this country that you can't tell me there isn't enough room for more people.
4. Sure crime has gone down in California. But crime has reduced throughout the entire country in recent years. You can't credit that huge improvement to a short piece of fence.

Daddy said...

Robert, where have you got that bold statements from? Any reference or quotations? Or it is just a dream? Folks do bread down here, and population growth is not only due to immigration. Besides illegals are hard to count for sure, its all guestimates.
Illegals when crossing California border do not stay in San Diego county, as there is a deportation bus available. They go to LA, where, when apprehended, a judge typically order them to come again and they just ignore him/her.

Most of the France boarder is unpassable due to ocean and mountains. Its passable thru main roads as there is no border control on French Italian border due to EU freedom of movement regulation. And Sicilian mafia are gladly doing transportation services.

Former soviet union has been sealed pretty well, despite having borders significantly larger than this country has. Minefields anyone?

Robert Enders said...

I stand corrected on the US birth rate, but only because I looked it up. The US birth rate is at the replacement level, which is 2.1 babies per woman during her lifetime.

Without immigration, the US population would not be growing. Population growth plays a vital role in economic growth.

Gloria said...

Why would anyone WANT to move to the Soviet Union. Or, FORMER Soviet Union, that is. Maybe it sucks EVERYWHERE, but in the U.S. it sucks less. Immigrants know this. The ones I've known/worked with bust their asses. And as for taking all the jobs, they are crappy jobs Americans don't want. There are successful immigrants who came here with very little and now have more than a lot of natives do. These people don't appear to be on welfare; they've started businesses. Immigrants know how to do without until they get some money. Americans see commercials and go out and buy stuff. We need every damn gadget because we can't be bothered to break a sweat. And that is part of why we are in a financial crisis (I've learned that lesson.)

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